Seeking to join a mercenary unit? StarFox64 is game made for the Nintendo 64. It features fast-action space combat, with precision control, a variety of stages, 3 vehicles, terrific challenge and play control, and 3 types of fierce multi-player action. Included is the Rumble PakTM, a new accessory for N64 that feeds back a vibration of varying degrees depending on what is happening in the game. This provides for a fun, exciting playing experience. Once you play with it, you will never want to play without it.

Well, I have been looking around the net at various pages devoted to StarFox64, and have come to the general conclusion that they are mostly crap. I don't mean to be critical, but I believe that I could do better. So this is my attempt at doing better. Enjoy your stay. -The Mystical One

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12/13/98:In what appears to be a strange wave of motivation, I once more have updated this site! Today, I actually have some new information. I've noticed that High Scores posted on this site haven't always been up to par with some on other sites, so I decided to post an FAQ file about How to Get High Scores. This file was not written by me, and was sent to be a long time ago. It is provided to increase your playing ability when you just don't seem to be able to improve. Have fun, and look for more updates in the near future! Oh yeah, you can find the FAQ under Misc Help.
12/15/98:Yippie! For once, I actually put up the fan fiction that I have. That means the old 'FanFic' button will no longer give the nice 404! I only have one series currently (two authors) So feel free to donate more! (And please do). Expect me to write some myself, once I have time wwhat with my busy as heck senior year of high school. :)
12/25/98:One word: Sounds. This is an update that I have beenmeaning to do for some time now. I have posted all of my voice clips (368), and have corrected the quality on mostof them, so that they sound a heck of a lot better. Also, I put up a few of the polling results the other day. Be sure to check them out! Oh yeah, Merry Christmas to all out there who celebrate. Other than that, Happy Holidays!
03/23/99:Since neithervoid pooped out on us when when down, I modified everything so that you can access teh sounds, etc now. Most links should work!

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