Radius: 3,277 km
Albedo: .55
Gravity: .367
Esc Velocity: 4.99 km/s
Equilibrium: K220
Atmosphere: N267 + O223
Hydrographics: 53%
Biomass: 270 Quads
Class: I
Hits for Medal:50
Description:Fortuna is an ice planet. Cornerian defense forces have a small base there, manned by a team of scientists. Due to a high amount of frozen water, these scientists believe that the land can be terraformed, and that it could one day be very similar to Fortuna. Recently, however, Andross' forces have invaded the base.
Briefing:The base on Fortuna is under attack by Andross. Your job is to free the base from Andross' grasp. The StarWolf team has been reported to have set a course for this planet.

Environmental Events - What Happens at Fortuna

You'll fly into the fray, it is fought in all-range mode. You'll see some little drone ships who don't do anything except for fly around and chase you occaisionally :) You'll probably notice them flying out of the base, too. Anyway, Slippy will point this out, and ROB64 will tell you there is a bomb there. Then StarWolf will come down to rain on your parade. If you defeat them, you head on to Solar, otherwsie you have to go to Sector X. Also, there are little satellites around the field that you can destroy to get silver rings.

Medalling Misfits

Required Hits:50
Hits Before StarWolf:6
Point Getters:StarWolf!

This one isn't hard at all. Just shoot 6 drone ships down before StarWolf comes in, and then finish off StarWolf. Each member gives you a hit+10, making it rather easy.

Egad! - Expert Mode Additions

All I can tell is that there are more little drone ships. I think they might actually fire at you this time. Beats me. I have played the stage twice on expert mode :)

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