Radiation: 7.27 ergons
Mag Flux: 64%
Particle Density: 59c/sg
Average Albedo: 0.73
Approx Radius:19.871skm
Name:Sector X
Difficulty:Moderate or Medium
Hits for Medal:150
Description:The first of three nebulas to take on the shape of a letter, Sector X has a high magnetic field, and radiation level. No one has been able to explain this phenomena, but it is assumed to be unnatural.
Briefing:Andross has a base in the area and has reportedly been working on a secret weapon. You are to destroy the base, and this weapon if at all possible.

If this page seems choppy or sketchy, I was playing through the stage to map it out and absorb everything, and was trying to get my left speaker to work! I wanted to listen to metallica while playing through, so I undid the cd audio line out cable that I was using to record sounds, and the whole thing was messed up. I ended up throwing my map into the other room, and getting severely frustrated.

Invadingthe Base - Expecting Attacks

Start to Entrace of SX Base
SX Base to Divide
The Right Path
The Left Path
Merging Point to SpyBorg

Start to Entrace of SX Base: You'll first fly through a small building that looks like it is in the process of construction. A large group of Sector X Defense Pilots will come from the left, and eventually fly away; if you don't kill them. Afterwards, two large groups will close in from the sides, and a line of them will fly from the left to the right. Afterwards, a Borzoi fighter will drop in front of you. After him comes two more ,and then a large configuration of them will drop down in front of your nose. More SX Defense ships will come from behind after this, and then reverse direction to attack you. Beyond is the opening to the entryway of the Sector X base. A large proximity minefield will be laid out before you. Bombing this will destroy most of the mines. Beyond, on the tops and bottoms of the tube, are two gun pods each. Three satellites are just beyond. If you destroy all three, you'll net a laser upgrade.

SX Base to Divide: Just beyond, many pieces of base float in space. Did something destroy the base before you? You will find out in a moment. Satellites float around in the pile of junk, and sometimes spew out a white plasma ball or two. As the rubble clears, a BeeBot will attack. Kill it to get its gold ring. Up ahead, you'll see the welcome blue of the checkpoint. Beyond is a wall. Stay in the center; one of the blocks will be destroyed a fall away. Just through the hole, a large fist will come from the left. What the heck is that? You'll find out. More construction hazards are found here. A short way in, Peppy gets in trouble as 5 Borzoi fighters get on his tail. Lock onto them before they get to the +beam and destroy them afterwards if they still survive. Just beyond, many satellites float about. Destroy three on the left to get silver rings. As you near the divide, you'll see a fist head upward on the left. Shoot the three satellites in front of the divide to get a laser upgrade.

The Right Path: This path covers the outside of the base. First, you'll see three Canine fighters fly out from the left. A wall will slide out from the left, followed by another. Each has two gun pods on the surface. Next, two walls will slide out, each with 2 gun pods. fly between them, and you'll see a line of Canines flying out from the left. Beyond are two more sliding walls. Three gun pods are attached to the left wall, and three platforms flip. Each has 2 gun pods on them, and canines will attack here. anfterwards, three gun pods are on the wall, and four Canines head to the right. Rob64 hails you here. Afterward, come Canines fly twoards you, and two sliding walls come from the left, and head to the left again. They have 3 gunpods each. Just beyond, Peppy will fly ahead and tons of Canines will follow him. Shoot them all to save Peppy. Just beyond, three gun pods are attached to a wall on the left, and a fist will fly in from the left. Here, the two paths merge.

The Left Path: This path is composed of the inside of the base. This place is a mess! Lotsa walls block you in the beginning. After the first few stationary ones, you'll hit one that comes from the left and one from the right. View my map to get a better picture of them. A few Canines will be attacking here, but there is really only one group of 3. After the moving walls with the gold ring (tilt while heading through, and you should not get hit while getting the ring), there will be another set of them. Stay in the upper left corner to ghet through. The next three walls open and close. Hold your boost down max before the first wall (not right before it...), and then drain it as much as needed before the last wall (it may not look like you need it, but you do, trust me.). Bill will just onto the scene here if you came from Katina. There is a bomb below, but you are probably flying to high to safely get it. After the three Canines Bill chases are gone, Bill will rush ahead to help with the warp gates. Borzoi fighters will come from behind to stop both of you, so nail that brake and blast em! Blast the satellites for powerups, and if you want to, get the gun pod by the warp. If you are taking the warp, hold down that brake as soon as you see it, and start blast away. If you have hyper lasers, this will be easy. Twinnies aren't as easy, and you can forget single lasers. Just beyond the gate is a gold ring. In the next corridor, beams fall out to block your shots. Just aim true and you'll get the gate. After that, a few Borzoi will come from behind, and another giant fist crashes in from the right side. After this gate, you have one more left. Walls will come in from the sides. Stay low and left. The next set you can shoot the lower one to remove it. Borzoi are behind you, but they'll crash, so don't worry about them. On the left is a gold ring, but if you need this warp gate, ignore it and blast the gate instead. Just beyond is either the Black Hole, or a strange contraption tubey thing. You'll veer to the right, and meet up at the merging point.

Merging Point to SpyBorg: This isn't anythign entirely big, but... A BeeBot will fly down to assault you, among some piles of rubbage. Just beyond, SpyBorg will drop in from above and behind. There are some ships in the far distance. Low and right, and high and left are the main patches. Lock onto them and destroy them all for some extra points.

Raiding the Base for a Medal

Required Hits:150
Checkpoint Goal:90
Hits Before SpyBorg:139
Hits Before Warp:110
Point Getters:Canine Fighters, Borzoi Fighters, SX Defense Fighters

This really isn't an overly hard stage to get a medal in. In the beginning, lock and blast as many SX Defenders as possible. Just charge lock blast, charge lock blast repeatedly. You should get a few hit bonuses and most should die. When the other large groups of SXD's come, just do the same. BLast the tops of the triangle formations of Borzoi when they drop down. After this, just let loose a bomb and kill all of the SXD's that come from behind. They are spread out enough that locking and blasting isn't worth it. Lasers aren't bad, but beombing should kill everything, whereas lasers can miss things. When you see the minefield, launch a bomb in the center of the area (do this while and quite a distance). THis should kil lthem all, and give you points for them. If you are lucky, it'll get the gun pods too; if not, charge and blast each panal. Then make sure you lock and destroy all of the satellites.

Afterwards, in the contstruction debris, blast ever satellite, and take shots at the BeeBot when possible. If you just concentrate on the BeeBot, you'll miss some satellites After the checkpoint, make sure you destroy all of the satellites, and save Peppy when he gets into a scrape. Take the right path at the divide. For the gun pods, blast the panals they are one, but don't hit the guns. You'll get an extra hit+1 for each of them. Do the same for the gun pods on the walls (as opposed to the pods on the panals). makes ure you lock and blast all of the groups of Canines. When Peppy needs to be saved, launch a bomb! This'll nail them all rather quickly. If you want more points, and Peppy has a good amount of life, lock and blast the Canines in stead of bombing them. Kill the BeeBot up ahead, and then make sure you get the ships behind SpyBorg. Don't let Slippy get throw!

If you are going through the warp, it isn't hard to get the needed 110 hits before it. Just blast the satellites after the checkpoint, and kill Borzoi and Canines before the first warp. You should end up with about the right amount. In the warp, make sure you lock and destroy everything to ensure your 150 points. This isn't that hard. Bomb the very large and spread out group, and don't forget to lock and blast the groups at the end.

Unexpected Surprises - Expert Mode Additions

Who plays expert mode, anyway? I don't. That wing damage is just too annoying. I've only played this stage once in expert. That was awhile ago. If you really what to see any additions, just play expert mode yourself. There's probably more fighters, and more lasers and the like.

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