Radiation: 4.53 ergons
Mag Flux: 29%
Particle Density:37c/sg
Average Albedo: 0.53
Approx. Radius: 12.53skm
Name:Sector Z
Hits for Medal:100
Description:Another strange nebula that is in the form of a letter. One of Andross' bases used to be in the area, but is long destroyed. Andross has a missile convoy nearby. Travel through this area is not advised.
Briefing:Defend Great Fox from oncoming Venomian Fighters, and destroy the 6 missiles that are aimed at your mothership. If Great Fox is hit, retreat and pursue a different path to Venom.

Planning for Ambush - Defending Great Fox

There is not a lot in this stage. A large group of ships will surround the area, and pull closer to Great Fox to attack. There is rubble around the stage, sometiems floating in space, othertimes attached to a structure. After awhile, a missile will enter into the fray, with more ships along with it. Later, 2 missile will come with some ships. After they are destroyed, Katt will come to help if you came through Zoness. 3 missiles will arrive at this point. Destroy all missiles and you'll head to Area 6. If one gets through, you will have to fall back and head for Bolse instead.

To kill missiles easily, stay behidn them, and hold the brake button down while rapidly firing (This requires and odd holding position of the controller.). If you get ahead of a missile, pull a somersault and get behind it.

Missile-Blasting for Medals

Required Hits:100
Hits Before Last Missiles:67
Point Getters:Rubble, Missiles

This is just an annoying stage to get a medal in. It'd be easy if your wingmen did not steal your hits from the missiles. Ah, but such is life. First, get around 20 hits before the first missile comes. Try to kill off all of the ships before it arrives, so your wingmen are busy being chased while you kill the missile. Destroy all rubble that you see. It often hides in the ruined structures, or in open space. There is one near where the missiles appear. They give you a +2 bonus each. When the 2nd and 3rd missiles, appear, do not save your friends that are in trouble. If you do, they will head for the missiles, and if they deal the last hit, you won't get the hit, or the hit+10. It is best to come from Sector X, so that Katt won't come in and steal your kills. By the time the last three missiles appear, you should have 67 points, so you can just kill off all three missiles and get your medal. If one of your wingmen is heading for the missile, boost on over there to get there before him. If you U-turn and end up ahead of the missile. Do a sharp turn to turn around. Then use the method above to destroy the missiles. If one of your wingmen is firing on a missile, start rapidly firing at that missile! You'll probably get the points. For the last three, if you've killed two, chance are you got too far ahead of the third. Just somersault, and you should be fine.

Destructive Dangers - Expert Mode Additions

I really dont know if there are any additions. Possibly more ships. And they all fire more often. Other than that, I don't think there could be anything else.

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