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08/19/97:First draft of this page. This is barely completed, but it should grow rather rapidly. Links that don't work, aren't completed yet. This is here just as a demonstration. My disclaimer should be up today sometime. Click that reload button often!
08/19/97:Added my disclaimer at 1:22pm EST. I will have more information written up today. Expect an update often.
08/20/97:Added Sector Y, Fortuna, and Katina at 4:35pm EST. I expect to have The other all-range mode course done by tonight, as well as MacBeth.
08/21/97:Added Bolse and Sector Z to the lineup. Also added was my new high score. I crushed it today. Unfortunetely, I cannot access starfox64.com or I'd have finished MacBeth; I need the Planetary Data for there.
08/21/97:Finished up MacBeth. Added more to my site info page, moved the StarWolf page to misc. help, and joined Linkexchange.
08/21/97:Added Aquas, a Links page, and posted my new high score for everyone to beat. Also put up a questions/responses page.
08/23/97:Fixed Aquas, and made my info/weird stuff page in misc. help. Sorry abotu not updating yesterday, I was busy. Expect a large update tonight; I am working on the page a lot today.
08/23/97:Added Zoness (This was difficult to do.), and an update archive. Also realized something about StarWolf and that is now located in the StarWolf section of misc. help. Sorry about not getting more done, a friend came over unexpectedly.
08/24/97:Changed my background today, it should be easier to read. Also added more to my linking section in site info; check that out. I also added 2 new links. There is a new question added to questions/responses. Please check that out, and answer a few of them! And I got done with Solar, so that is up.
08/25/97:I added a few scores to the top scorers list (They've been there, I just haven't told you.) And I finished Venom. This was a chore. I mapped out Venom 1 completely and provided graphical maps, too. I added something about printing and chain-letters to site info. Go and read them now.
08/26/97:Finished the maps for Solar, Aquas, and Sector Y.
08/28/97:I broke down and got an LPage Guestbook. Please go and sign it with a nice comment or three :) There is a new high score! Bjorn Cole is the new champion :) I finished the Zoness and Meteo maps today as well.
08/29/97:Added a voting section! Please vote! I also ditched Gamers Banner Exchange because they seemed to be dead. I got Gamers Link Xchange instead :) I also added something about barrel-rolling to my battle startegies page.
08/30/97:I got my first award today! Check it out here. I added a new link and a score today. I decided to put an answer out about Question 2. I got my second award today!
09/03/97:Added another vote. Please vote. Only 4 people have so far, and it is good to be heard. I have extended the deadline to 9/12/97 to get a fair poll.
09/05/97:Got my third award today! Thanks Mop! I added another vote. I have 7 now. Keep them coming in! Finished (finally) my "About the Game" section!
09/06/97:Updates here and there to the Boss Guide. Some of them were spelling and typo corrections, other things were points I forgot about when writing it. Made a vehicles page and a cast of characters under misc help/info, and added a new link. The Map for MacBeth was finish today!
09/07/97:Another vote was put up. That's 9 now; keep them coming in! I added a Sounds page today! Download your favorite sounds and voice clips. I got better at recording the wavs today. So newer ones will sound better :)
09/08/97:More sounds up! I have a total of 83. Expect more later tonight. Update: A second batch of sounds have now arrived! Check them out. I am up to 116!
09/21/97:I promised you an update, so... I updated my battle strategies page today. If you've been there before, you'll see what is different. Go there! This'll be updated frequently as I play more multiplayer games. I also finally completed Sector X. I added more to my Cast of Chars page. Sector Y and Sector Z got some new astronomical data, too. The StarWolf page has almost completely been re-done; go check it out! Also under misc help, I have added a new strange occurance. This one is important! Plans for making a minions page have been made, but I don't know when I'll get to doing it. This will be a steep task. Also, I got 2 other awards! Thanks Rayzor! Long live the bunnies! Oh yeah, there is a new thing under my disclaimer. You might want to read it. The voting race is fairly close! Katina and Venom 2 are in the lead. This voting topic is going to be extended do to the vast nature of the selections. Top Scorers list has also been amplified. -- This update occured at 11:20 EST
09/27/97:Not much done today (I am *really* busy lately). Got a new award, so that is up. Added a weird occurance to that page, and am awaiting more votes. There is a tie, and I can't close the polls. Please go and get friends to vote for their favorite stage. Oh yeah! I fixed an error with one of my wav's.
09/28/97:The Poll has closed! Stay tuned for further polls!
09/30/97:New poll is up today! It's actually two polls in one. This should be fun :) Sorry for not updating a lot. I am really busy.
10/10/97:Sped up the load time of this main page. I added votes and scores. I made a homepage.
1/07/98:WOW!!! An update :) Well...sorta... I just got a new email...msotly because my old one was farked and I couldn't send anything. Expect me to put up the poll results and various scores and stuff like that eventually... maybe I'll even finish half of the things i've been meanign to do since the last update.... That was almost 3 months ago...sheeesh! My new email addy is: tmo42@usaor.net in case you wanted to know.
1/10/98:Whoa..this has to be a record... 2 updates in the same week. Hehe. Well, the poll has finally closed. That boring arwing won in both catagories! What the heck? How can the obviously superior Landmaster be beaten? I mean, the arwing is clearly worse. Well, I also finally got all the scores posted up. :) So go and look at the nice new list...I can't believe how pitiful I am! I guess I'll have to start playign again. SEND IN YOUR SCORES!
1/21/98:Wheee,,, I have moved to a new server! now we're at http://nethervoid.ml.org/. Check 'em out, Why did I move? Because I got more space here. Hopefully that means more sounds, and more general fun stuff. Hey...I'm still looking for graphics-talented people to do me some grfx!!! Expect a new voting topic up soon...
1/26/98:Wow. Yet another update... I must be on something. The graphics changes areup now... New Poll! If I have time maybe I'll actually create the fanfic page... Well, Keep checking back.
2/02/98:Not an update, really... Sorry for being inoperable over the weekend... the server was down because the admin just HAD to install linux and screw everything up :~p Hehe... j/k Drakker :)
6/26/98:What is this? Is this an update? Oh my mother... Yes. Have the Gods answered your calls? Have your prayers gone through? Well, maybe. I just decided to check up on things and put in a little update. Seeming lack of interest prevents me from doing anything major. If you all email me, showing your great support, then maybe I'll do something. Anyhoo... The poll is closed, and I've tossed some new scores up. We now have 20 on the Top 20 list! Yay! Actually...there are 21, but one person got knocked off the list. My apologies if I told you that your score would be up there, and it isn't... As for the poll, it was a tough battle, but the results are in, and there is a definite winner. Go to the polls and see what's up!
12/11/98:Once again, I have updated. This is small, but if I get my tookus in gear, I might actually *gasp* do some work on the page. LIke add those few pages that I haven't added. Namely Titania, Area 6, etc... for now, try going to the Brand-Spankin' new Poll! Tons of excitement for everyone. Also, I'm going to remove the banners for glxtreme. It's dead, doesn't exist, es fin.
12/12/98:Mmmmm.... Update. Okay, for once, I've done something extremely amazing. I've updated my Battle Tactics page! Since there is a lot there, I've tagged everything tha's new. Just look for the little tags and you'll see what's new. Some of the new stuff I new for a while, others I just figured out recently. I still ahve yet to have any real Footman vs. Footman battles. Hopefully I'll get some of those in soon and will actually bring you some decent strategies. Long live Mercenary's Helper!

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