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This site is provided to help and inform users and net-goers about the Nintendo 64 game, StarFox64. Most advice and strategies come from my own playing experience or, as noted, from other visitors of the site. I do not believe that there is enough help and strategies available about the game on the web, so this page is brought here to try to correct that. I do hope you gain something from this page, but if you feel you know more than me, or just want to help, flip me a mail.

Please, no flame-mails. Flaming will get you posted on a page devoted to so-called "lamers." I do, however, accept constructive criticism. I am here to help; if you find something wrong, or believe that my information is inadequate, I want to know. Every page has its own default subject for the email link. I am a generous person, and will be more than happy to answer your questions via email, if my page cannot already answer your question.

For that matter, no chain-letters either! I hate them. I am a superstitious person, but with this comes my own protections against their evils. Those who send me chain letters will suffer the same fate as flamers! Someone sent me one today, but I am not about to comdemn him, since I had not put a notice about it before; all subsequent chain-letter senders will!


If you wish to print directly from your browser, so that pictures and text both appear, your browser will remove the background, and then try to print the white text; this won't get you far. To print, go to your prefs and choose to "always use my colors, overriding the document." In netscape this is under general prefs and on the "color" tab. I am not sure about other browsers, but there should be a similar option.


If you want me to link to your site, you must link to my site. You must have a good StarFox64 webpage for me to link to it. I am not going to send visitors to bad sites. If you provide a link to me, don't expect me to link you if you aren't a good site; I will be thankful anyway :) If you at anytime remove the link to my page from your page, I will remove my link to your page from mine. That out of the way, you may use the following banner to link to my site if you wish.

I think I'll link to pages about Nintendo64 too. Also if you have a personal homepage and link to me, I'll add a little section for "homepages that link to me" I'm feeling pretty lenient about this linking thing now, so don't be afraid to ask me to link to you.

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