The Main Game

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The main game is just what it suggests. The goal is to fly from Corneria toVenom, and destroy Andross. There are a variety of paths to choose. Depending on what you do in a course, you may open up a different route. For example, if you destroy the mothership in Katina, you will go to Solar. But if you fail to destroy it, you will go to Sector X instead.

However, the true goal of the main game is not to just destroy andross, but to gain a medal in each course. Upon doing so, you will gain access to the Expert Mode. This is a harder version of the main game. There are more enemys, and they fire a lot more lasers. It is also much easier to lose one (or both) of your wings. One crash into an object, and your wing is gone. Two or three laser shots to your wing accomplishes much the same effect. Not only that, but the enemies' weaponry deals more bang for their buck. In order to win a medal, you must have a minimum number of hits in each stage, and you must have all your wingmen alive at the end of the course. The table below lists the minimum number of hit to recieve a medal in each stage.

Corneria150 Bolse150 Aquas150
Meteo200 Sector Y150 Zoness250
Fortuna50 Katina150 Sector Z100
Sector X150 Solar100 Area 6300
Titania150 MacBeth150 Venom200

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