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This page contains questions from myself to my visitors. It will also contain news if there should be any need for it. To answer a particular question, follow the link that follows it. You may also ask a question for the public by following the mailto link at the bottom of the page.


Question 1: How do you like this site? I want to know if you like the setup, if it is quick to load, and what I should add. Basically, I am asking you to tell me what you like and don't like about my site........Answer This Question

Question 2: Concerning StarWolf What happens if you defeat StarWolf at Fortuna, then continue to Venom 2? I am assuming that they will come back, but I have not tested this........Answer This Question


Name - Ernie Virage
Comment - When you get to Venom2 Star wolf has the new and improoved Wolfen ship, to be exact the wolfen 2.The Wolfen 2 is almost ten times stronger than the Wolfen 1.Try to beat them in expert mode ,if you dare heheh!

Name - Chuck Wheeler
Comment - Yes, the StarWolf come back.

Name - Hiram Alba
Comment - oh, they come back all right but with new ships, they are a lot more difficult.

Name - Dave Piche
Comment - If you Kill the Star Wolf Team then go to Venom 2 (Via area6) The Star Wolf Team Will be there!!!

Question 3: Mysterious White Bird Have you ever noticed the mysterious white firebird? In solar, there is a white firebird in the distance on the left side of the screen when you meet the first large group of firebirds. I have locked onto it before, but it moves off the top of the screen before I can hit it. It seems to appear only in expert mode. Any information about it would be much appreciated........Answer This Question


Name - CRShadow
Comment - About the white bird... I have managed to kill it by boosting as soon as I see it, then shooting it with regular laser shots (twin) not charged shots. It simply dies in the fashion of a regular enemy, (small explosion) not the usual bird death. ("Cheep! Boom") I continued on and got a medal on the stage... Nothing special happened. I continued on and finished the game via Area 6. Still nothing special... Oh well. Also, if I'm not mistaken I've seen it in normal mode in addition to expert mode. I've even seen two of 'em at once... Any thoughts? I suppose it could just be a regular old enemy. ::shrug::

Question 4: The Background How do you like the new background? Is it easier to read, or did you like the old one better? Please tell me........Answer This Question

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