Sounds of StarFox64

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Okay, I've corrected the quality on most of the files, and have put up all of my voice clips. MOre will be coming! Oh yeah, and I only have voice clips right now. If someone has a midi from the game or another type of sounds, please send me it! As always, you'll be credited :)

(* = Poor Quality)

Voice Clips

Fox McCloud
fox-corn.wav"We're entering Corneria City now!"
fox-rnr.wav"I see 'em up ahead. Let's Rock and Roll!"
foxwolf1.wav"Just what I need to see: StarWolf"
foxtrain.wav"I spot the train. I'm taking it out."
foxfleet.wav"We're gonna break through that fleet!"
fox-prayandr.wav"Say your prayers, Andross."
fox-goalone.wav"I'll go it alone from here!"
fox-trueform.wav"So, Andross. You show your true form."
foxwolf2.wav"We'll just see about that, StarWolf!"
fox1more.wav"There's one more to go!"
fox-allrange.wav"All-Range Mode"
fox-allrep.wav"All aircraft report."
fox-aquas.wav"We're heading for Aquas. Report in."
fox-asteroids.wav"We're heading into the asteroids"
fox-backup.wav"Let's back up the squadron"
fox-bomb1.wav"I'll take care of the bomb now!"
fox-checkit.wav"I'll check it out"
fox-comedownfal.wav"Why don't you come down here, Falco?"
fox-domybest.wav"I'll do my best. Andross won't have his way with me."
fox-dontrelax.wav"Don't Relax. We're not done yet."
fox-droptank.wav"Deploy the Landmaster!"
fox-ffgone.wav"Hey! The forcefield is disappearing!"
fox-gdiff.wav"Check your G-Diffuser System"
fox-headout.wav"We'reheading out. All aircraft report."
fox-headvenom.wav"When we get back, we'll head for Venom!"
fox-huhwhat.wav"Huh? What?"
foxjet.wav"Sorry to jet, but I'm in a hurry"
fox-killbarriers.wav"Okay guys, destroy all barriers!"
fox-killweapon.wav"Let's take out that weapon, boys!"
fox-noletdown.wav"I won't let you down, Sir."
fox-onit.wav"I'm on it."
fox-onmyway.wav"I'm on my way!"
fox-openw.wav"Open the wings."
fox-ownway.wav"Oh no, Sir. We prefer doing things out own way."
fox-roger.wav"Roger, General."
fox-secretweapon.wav"So this is the secret weapon."
fox-sliphang.wav"I can't leave Slippy Hangin'"
fox-sliploc.wav"Give me Slippy's location, Rob."
fox-split.wav"Split up, and take it to 'em!"
fox-takecareofit.wav"Jeez! Can anyone take care of it?"
fox-time2go.wav"It's time for us to go now."
fox-uslip.wav"Is that you, Slippy?"
fox-venomherecome.wav"Venom, here we come!"
fox-wolf1st.wav"Let's take care of these guys first."
Falco Lombardi
fal-chase1.wav"You're dead meat, pal!"
fal-wrong-gdiff.wav"Something's wrong with the G-diffuser!"
fal-andrinsane.wav"Andross is an insane fool."
falbuddy.wav"I ain't your buddy, go away!"
falktail.wav"Now it's our turn to kick some tail!"
fal-cleanup.wav"Let's clean up this mess!"
fal-crud.wav"Crud! We were so close to Venom."
fal-einstein.wav"Hey, Einstein! I'm on your side!"
fal-gameover.wav"Too late. Game over, pal!"
fal-letshoot.wav"Hold still and let me shoot you!"
fal-slow.wav"Bogies behind me. Am I getting slow?"
fal-yeah.wav"Yeah! It's working."
falcrash.wav"Get out of my way!!"
fal-ldr.wav"That's our leader!"
falsaved.wav"Gee! I've been saved by fox. How swell."
fal-admitgood.wav"Okay, I'll admit it. You did good, Fox."
fal-beatushere.wav"Somebody beat us here. Its all gone."
fal-behindfast.wav"Enemy group behind us. Man, they're fast!"
fal-bethere.wav"I'll be there soon!"
fal-bettertank.wav"I think you look better in a tank."
fal-chase2.wav"You are NOT taking him down today."
fal-closecall.wav"That was a close call, Fox."
fal-coveru.wav"I'll cover you, Fox!"
fal-damage.wav"Shoot! I'm takin' damage!"
fal-bettrfox.wav"Ah! You're getting better, Fox."
fal-burned.wav"Good riddence! I almost got burned."
fal-destroywhat.wav"Destroy what? He's crazy!"
fal-dontdie.wav"Don't go dying on me!"
fal-dontquit.wav"These guys don't quit."
fal-fine.wav"Falco here. I'm fine."
fal-fuel.wav"I see the fuel bunker on the right side!"
fal-getaction.wav"Let me get a piece of that action, Fox!"
fal-goodfs.wav"I guess you're good for something."
fal-gotcompany.wav"Looks like we've got company."
fal-havefun.wav"Let's have a"
falheck.wav"What the heck is that?"
falheck2.wav"What the heck? Fox! Look behind you!"
falhelp1.wav"I could use some help here, Fox!"
falhelp2.wav"Shoot! He's right behind me!"
fal-heretheycome.wav"Here they come!"
fal-horr.wav"The is horrible."
fal-jeezlaweez.wav"Jeez Laweez, what is that!?"
fal-keepcoming.wav"These guys just keep coming!"
fal-left.wav"I'll take the left!"
fal-mad1.wav"Go find your own target, Fox!"
fal-magstorm.wav"A magnetic storm! We'll search here."
fal-newships.wav"I see you've got new ships."
fal-nmefighters.wav"Enemy fighters, coming at ya, Fox!"
fal-notmakeit.wav"The arwing might not make it."
notooclose.wav"Don't get too close, Fox!"
fal-oneshot.wav"Take 'em down with one shot!"
fal-ownhide.wav"You worry about your own hide!"
fal-painneck.wav"He can sure be a pain in the neck."
fal-passfox.wav"I'll pass, Fox."
falpaybk.wav"Time for a little payback!"
fal-pipedown.wav"Pipe down, Slippy. Just hold on."
fal-quitmovin.wav"Jeez, quit movin' around!"
falsaveu.wav*"I'm here to rescue you!"
fal-savinghide.wav"We're always saving your hide, Slip."
fal-scrbgy.wav"Scartch one bogey."
fal-showboss.wav"Time to show the monkeys who's boss!"
fal-slow.wav"Bogies behind me. Am I getting slow?"
fal-some1pay.wav"Somebody's gonna pay for all this."
fal-takethis1.wav"I'll take this one. Get the ones behind me."
falthank.wav*"I guess I should be thankful."
fal-watchfox.wav*"Watch out fox!"
fal-wolfgiveup.wav"You guys don't give up."
fal-wrong-gdiff.wav"Something's wrong with the G-Diffuser!"
fal-yeah.wav"Yeah! It's working!"
Peppy Hare
pep2quiet.wav"It's quiet. Too Quiet"
pep-careless.wav"They're on me, I'm getting careless!"
pep-dontmess.wav"Don't mess up that arwing!"
pep-instincts.wav"Never give up. Trust your instincts!"
pep-nmebehind.wav"The enemy's coming from behind."
pep-nme-tail.wav"You got an enemy on your tail!"
pepshlda.wav"That shield is absorbing the laser."
pepshoot.wav"Just shoot it, Fox."
peptrap1.wav"Be careful, it's a trap!"
pepbiowp.wav"THIS, is the enemy's bio-weapon!?"
pep-hurtem.wav"I'm sure we hurt 'em this time!"
pep-mark.wav"Shoot 'em down, we're being marked!"
pep-stayalert.wav"Everybody, stay alert!"
pep-takelong.wav"What's taking you so long, Fox!"
pep1down.wav*"There's one down!"
pep-6nrgtowers.wav"Aim for the six energy towers!"
pep8lock.wav"Shoot the eight switches to open the lock!"
pep-aim-back.wav"Aim for his back."
pep-alert.wav"Stay alert!"
pep-arm.wav"Maybe it's an arm; aim for the arm!"
pep-atkabove.wav"Surprise attack coming from above!"
pep-atkg.wav"They're attacking in groups!"
pep-backup.wav"I'm going ahead. Back me up, Fox!"
pep-bigidea.wav"What's the big idea, Fox?"
pep-bombwise.wav"Use bombs wisely."
pep-boost1.wav"Use the boost to chase!"
pep-boost2.wav"Use the boost to get through"
pep-brace.wav"Brace yourselves!"
pep-brake1.wav"Use the brake!"
pep-btrpilot.wav"You're becoming a better pilot."
pep-chase1.wav"I won't let you get away form me!"
pep-chase2.wav"You're mine!"
pep-closebase.wav"We're gettin' close to the base!"
pep-destroycore.wav"Destroy the satellite's core!"
pep-dontletthrough.wav"Don't let any of them through!"
pepfath1.wav"You're becoming more like your father."
pep-fewhits.wav"I've taken a few hits, but I'm okay."
pepfoxok.wav"Fox, you're okay!"
pep-foxuokay.wav"Fox, are you okay?"
pep-goodgoing.wav"Good going, Fox!"
pep-goodwork.wav"Good job, keep up the good work!"
pep-gotbelow.wav"I'll take care of everything below!"
pep-help1.wav"Take care of the guy behind me, Fox!"
pep-hequick.wav"He's quick, be careful!"
pep-holdem.wav"Hold 'em, they're trying to get through!"
pep-holdtogether.wav"Hold together. Just a bit further."
pephover.wav"Try hovering!"
pep-improved.wav"Your skills have imporved, Fox."
pep-keeppace.wav"Good job, keep up the pace!"
pep-killarms.wav"Take out his arms, Fox!"
pep-killchest.wav"Go for the chest!"
pep-knockoff.wav"Kock it off, Fox!"
pep-learnlssn.wav"I'm sure he's learned his lesson."
pep-lifeflash.wav"I saw my life flash before my eyes!"
pep-lockon.wav"You can also lock on to enemies this way!"
pep-lockon2.wav"Lock on to the enemy!"
peploop1.wav"Try a somersault!"
pep-memory.wav"This brings back memories of your dad!"
pep-nmecore.wav"Good, I see the enemy core."
pep-nodeadslip.wav"Don't be dead, Slip."
pep-nodink.wav"Quit dinkin' around, Slip."
pep-nrgb.wav"Destroy all three energy balls."
pep-outside.wav"I'll attack from the outside!"
pep-right.wav"I've got the right!"
peprob64.wav*"Incoming message from Rob 64!"
pep-rockterrain.wav"There's rocky terrain dead ahead!"
peproll1.wav"Do a barrel roll!"
peproll2.wav"To barrel roll, press Z or R twice!"
pep-shldcore.wav"The shield is gone, shoot the core!"
pep-shootrox.wav"Shoot the rocks!"
pep-slip-bogey.wav"Slippy, watch out, boegy on your tail!"
pep-slip-gb.wav"Slippy get back here!"
pepsupps.wav"Don't let them get to the supply depot!"
pep-switcher.wav"Okay, now shoot the switcher"
pepswtch.wav"Take the switch ahead!"
pepsysgo.wav"This is Peppy. All systems go."
pep-takeasy.wav"Fox, take it easy."
pep-theyeverywhere.wav"They're everywhere!"
pep-thxfox.wav"Thanks, Fox!"
peptntcl.wav"Shoot the tentacles to open the core!"
pep-toofastfal.wav"Don't go too fast, Falco!"
pep-toolow.wav"Don't fly too low, your ship can't take it!"
pep-uok.wav"Are you okay?"
pep-whatwrong.wav"What's wrong, fox?"
pep-whereweapon.wav"Where is the secret weapon!?"
Slippy Toad
slipmine.wav*"Hey! He was mine!"
slip-shipsbase.wav"Why are ships coming out of the base?"
slip-takethat.wav"Take that"
slip-wannapiece.wav"You wanna piece of me?"
slipdata.wav"Data analysis complete. Here it comes."
slip9000.wav"This baby can take temperatures up to 9000 degrees."
slip-stupidfaces.wav"I can see the look on their stupid faces."
slip-gorgon.wav"Enemy ahead! This one's different."
slip-missiles.wav"Incoming enemy missiles!!"
slipyeah.wav"Yeah! Yeah!"
slip-aheaddiff.wav"Something's up ahead. Looks different."
slip-bigidea.wav"Hey! What's the big idea?"
slip-bigone.wav"Here comes a big one!"
slip-chargelaser.wav"Hold A to charge your laser."
slip-chase1.wav"You're not getting away that easy!"
slip-chase2.wav"I've got you now!"
slip-chase3.wav"Your carcass is mine!"
slip-escaping.wav"Escaping? I don't think so!"
slip-fine.wav"I'm fine, I'm fine."
slip-heatup.wav"Things are starting to heat up."
slip-help1.wav"Whoa! Help me!"
slip-help2.wav"Fox, get this guy off me!"
sliphit1.wav*"Slippy's hit!"
sliphit2.wav"Ahhh! I'm hit!"
slip-iknewucome.wav"I know you'd come help me."
slip-leavealone.wav"Hey! Leave me alone!"
slip-makeit.wav"Whoa! Can you make it?"
slip-nmerobot.wav"Enemy robot, dead ahead."
slip-nohide.wav"Ah ha! Though you could hide from me, eh?"
slip-ohno.wav"Oh no!!"
slip-ok.wav"Slipp here. I'm okay."
slip-punk.wav"You'll be sorry, punk!"
slip-runaway.wav"What's going on? He's running away."
slip-saved.wav"Whew! That was toooo close."
slip-shipsshldd.wav"Those ships are shielded too!"
slipshld.wav"Enemy shields analyzed."
slip-spmines.wav"Space mines ahead."
sliptank.wav"How's the landmaster, Fox?"
slip-temple.wav"That temple gives me the creeps."
slip-there.wav"There ya go!"
slip-thoughtgoner.wav"I thought I was a goner!"
slip-thxfox.wav"Thanks, Fox! I thought they had me."
sliptick.wav*"This is really starting to tick me off!"
slip-toohot.wav"It's too hot. I can't take it anymore!"
sliptrbl.wav"I'm having some trouble here."
slip-watchout.wav"Watch out, Fox!"
slip-way2go.wav"Way to go, Fox!"
slip-wemadeit.wav"Hey, we made it!"
slip-wrong.wav"Something's wrong, I don't see anything!"
slip-youdidit.wav"You did it! I was worried for a moment."
slip-youdidit2.wav"Yippie! You did it!"
slip-youdidit3.wav"Yes! You did it!"
James McCloud
jamesdgu.wav"Don't ever give up, my son."
james-follow.wav"Follow me, Fox."
james-thisway.wav"This way, Fox."
james-instincts.wav"Never give up. Trust your instincts."
james-strong.wav"You've become so strong, Fox."
robsupps.wav"Location confirmed. Sending supplies."
robcover.wav"Great Fox will cover you."
rob-bomb.wav"A bomb has been planted at the base."
robcover.wav"Great Fox will cover you."
rob-falmaint.wav"Falco's ship is under maintenance."
rob-fal-maint-comp.wav"Maintenance complete on Falco's ship."
rob-lifeform.wav"Life form indicated at twelve o'clock."
rob-ready2go.wav"Great Fox is ready to go."
General Pepper
pepper-atkhelpus.wav"Fox, we're under attack. Help us out here!"
pepper-destroysat.wav"If you destroy the satellite, we can go straight for Venom. Be careful, Fox."
pepper-impressive.wav"Impressive Star Fox, now watch out for enemies in the asteroid field."
pepper-indebt.wav"Star Fox, we are in your debt. I would be honored to have you as part of the Cornerian A..."
pepper-onlyhope.wav"It's about time you showed up, Fox. You're the only hope for our world."
pepper-recbase.wav"Recover our base fromt he enemy army."
pepper-secretweapon.wav"Reports indicate that Andross is working on some secret weapon."
pepper-toodangerous.wav"What are you doing? It's too dangerous there."
andross-son.wav"Ah! The son of James McCloud"
andross-tincan.wav"Those tin cans are no match for me!"
andross-lookforward.wav"I'm looking forward to this."
andross-starfox.wav"I've been waiting for you, StarFox."
andross-foolish.wav"It's foolish to come against me."
andross-galaxy.wav"You know that I control the galaxy."
andross-truepain.wav"Now, you will feel true pain."
andross-brains.wav"Only I have the brains to rule Lylat!"
andross-dead.wav"If I go down, I'm taking you with me!"
andross-dielikefather.wav"You will die, just like your father."
andross-neverdefme.wav"Ah ha ha. YOu can never defeat me."
Wolf O'Donnell
wolf-cantlet.wav"Can't let you do that, StarFox!"
wolfheck.wav"What the heck?"
wolfccky.wav"Don't get too cocky, StarFox."
wolfgood.wav"You're good, but I'm better!"
wolf-nowway.wav"No way! I don't believe it!"
Leon Powalski
leon-nottuff.wav*"You're not as tough as I thought."
leonded1.wav"This can't be hapenning!!"
leon-new.wav"Let's see how you handle our new ships."
leon-takecare.wav"I'll take care of you."
leon-shootdown.wav"Shoot me down, if you can."
leon-toostrong.wav"He's too strong!"
leonanoy.wav*"Annoying bird. I am the great Leon!"
leonordr.wav"Andross has ordered us to take you down."
Pigma Dengar
pigpeppy.wav"Peppy, long time no see."
pig-reward1.wav*"That reward's as good as mine!"
pigdead1.wav*"My beautiful reward, waahaahaaaah!!"
pig-fail.wav"Too bad dad's not here to see you FAIL."
pig-bust.wav"I'm gonna bust you up REAL good."
pig-betrship.wav"You can't beat me; I've got a better ship!"
pig-cantbe.wav"This can't be happening!"
Andrew Oikonny
andrew-andrnme.wav"Andross' enemy, is my enemy."
andrew-andr.wav"We'll make sure you never reach Andross!"
andrew-notfraid.wav"I'm not afraid of you."
andrew-pondfroggy.wav"Stick to the pond, froggy."
andrew-uncle.wav"Uncle Andross!"
Robot Pilot
robot-andross.wav*"Those who cross Andross will die!"
robot-fail.wav"My emperor! I've failed you!"
robot-annoy.wav*"You are starting to annoy me!"
robot-crush1.wav"I'm going to crush you!"
robot-flies.wav"You annoying little flies!"
robot-sf.wav"Ah! So this is Star Fox!"
robot-squash.wav"Stop moving, so I can squash you!"
robot-worm.wav"I will not be defeated by this worm!"
Rock Crusher Pilot
rckcrsh-admit.wav"I admit defeat."
rckcrsh-howabout.wav"How about...THIS!"
rckcrsh-lostscum.wav"I can't believe I lost to this scum!"
rckcrsh-nofurther.wav"I cannot allow you to go any further."
rckcrsh-nomatch.wav"I'm no match for you."
rckcrsh-notwork.wav"If this does not work..."
rckcrsh-whatugot.wav"Let's see what you've got!"
rckcrsh-undrest.wav"I've underestimated you."
Shogun Warlord
shogun-dontpahty.wav"Don't pahty just yet."
shogun-freaks.wav"Cocky little freaks!"
shogun-weapon.wav"It's tiem to try our new weapon."
Train Engineer
train-noexpect.wav"I didn't expect to have to use this."
train-lucky.wav"You're very lucky."
train-serious.wav"They're not taking me seriously."
train-closer.wav"What's wrong? Come a little closer!"
train-brakes.wav"No! Hit the brakes!"
train-cantstop.wav"I can't stop it!!"
Area 6 Commander
a6-getem.wav"Did we get 'em?"
a6-fire.wav"Fire! Fire! Don't let them through!"
a6-crazy.wav"These guys are crazy!"
a6deploy.wav"Dang! Deploy it now!"
caimen-noprobs.wav"Caimen here. No problems."
caimen-emrgncy.wav"Do you copy? Emergency Maneuvers!"
caimen-notyet.wav"Not yet, sir."
caimen-broke1st.wav"They've broken through the first line."
caimen-2ndline.wav"They're through the second line!"
caimen-lastline.wav"The last line has been breached!"

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