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This page is devoted various extra info and weird occurances in StarFox64. If you find something that is strange or downright different, take note of where it was, the condition of your wingmen, and any other things deemed important. Make sure you send this info to me and I'll throw it up here. Some of this stuff is pretty odd, so watch. Keep tabs on this section for some refreshingly new additions.


Info (Non-Weird Stuff)

Landmaster in BattleFootmen in BattleSound TestMove 64 on Title Screen
BlackHole to Katina BlackHole to Sector Z

Strange Occurances

Mysterious White BirdNo Peppy in MeteoNo Slippy in MeteoOdd Warping Missile
Non-Lock Technique Infinite Dogfight Bug

Info (The Non-Weird Stuff)

Landmaster in Battle: In order to get tanks in battle mode, you need to get a medal on Venom 2 in (Coming from area 6) in normal mode. Some places say that you need to just beat the stage, others say you need to get all the medals on normal, but you don't. You just need to get a medal on the course.

Footmen in Battle: To get footmen in battle, you must first collect all of the medals in normal mode to open up expert mode. Once in expert mode, you must go through Venom 2, and get a medal there. This will open up footmen. It has been said in many places that you just need to beat the stage; this is not so.

Sound Test: There is a sound test option available in StarFox64. To open it, you need to get all of the medals on normal mode. Then, you point the cursor at Sound and press over. This will turn the option into expert, which is the sound test. You get to see 32 channels of sound too. Listed in the missions pages are the various stages' soundtracks.

Move 64 on Title Screen: This is just a little trick you can do. When you see the "Press Start" hold down R and Z and move around the control stick. After a little while, the 64 will start to be controled by the controller. Once the 64 starts to move, you no logner have to hold down the two buttons. The characters' heads will follow the 64.

BlackHole to Katina: In meteo, you will find rings made up of triangles near the end of the stage. If you fly through all of them, you will head through the black hole and onward to Katina. Hold down the brake to slow yourself down periodically so that you can make it through all of the rings; you must hit them dead-on. A line of powerups resides in this stage, and many laser-enemies and rocks can be found here too. This stage resembles Meteo in a way. All enemies and rocks can be blasted for hits. This is a rather easy stage.

BlackHole to Sector Z: When the course splits into two paths in Sector X, take the left path. On this path lie four gates. As you shoot them, they turn red and eventually open. Flying through all 4 open gates will lead you into the blackhole. In order to open them all, hold down the brake as soon as you see the gate, and keep doing so. Then fire your lasers rapidly (if you have a turbo controller, this becomes really easy); you'll need to hold the controller funny. You should brake right before you crash into the gate, or a little before, and the extra time is necessary to open the gate. If you don't have twin lasers, you can forget about going through the warp. Inside the warp, it is a flashback to the original Sector X. You'll find spinning beams and various other construction hazards. Time your flight so you don't crash. When you get to the mass-beam section, where the beams form into huge spiral-like structures, move in a circular path to avoid crashing. Further down will be some spinning squares. Brake until your gauge is half-full, then stop. If you fly through the middle of each one, you won't crash anymore. You'll head to Sector Z at the end.

Strange Occurances/Weird Stuff

Mysterious White Bird: This one still baffles me. It only appears to happen on expert mode. A white firebird will be on the left side in the far distance heading upward. It happens about the same time as the first large group of firebirds. Please check out Question #3 in Questions/Responses and answer if you have any info.

No Peppy in Meteo: This is an odd one I noticed last night. if for some reason Peppy is out of commission at Meteo, something strange happens when you get to the point where he is supposed to be chased. A lot of ships will attack in droves for awhile. There are a whole ton of them, and they are the same type of ship that attacks him. Note: When this was found, No wingmen of mine were alive.

No Slippy in Meteo: This one was found at the same time as the one above. If Slippy is gone when you reach the point where he is chased, many of the same type of ships that chase him will appear. They fly away rather quickly. Is this some kind of special thing? Could something special happen if various members aren't with you in other stages? Possibly, but I doubt it. It is very hard to lose Slippy and Peppy in Corneria--I killed them off on purpose--so this could just be a Meteo-only surprise.

Odd Warping Missile: Strange thing happened one time I was in Sector Z. I have not been able to duplicate this. I had 90 hits, and there was one missile left. It was nowhere near the ship, and I was happily firing away and awaiting my medal when, suddenly, it disappeared from radar. Only one side of it was visible ahead of me; I could not hit it anymore. About 3 seconds later, I see the cut-screen of GreatFox being hit by the missile. I was pretty mad.

Non-Lock Technique: I found this out ages ago, but both forgot, and failed to see any practical application for it. XLordMagus pretty much woke me up to the uses, so now I am beginning to practice it. What you do, is charge your lasers, but do not lock onto an enemy. Instead, you blast the structures (or ground/sea) nearby the enemy(s). This will get you an extra hit+1 that you shouldn't have gotten. Try this out in Corneria. Find a Construction Bot, and blast the wheels (this is a structure, btw). You'll see it exploding, and then a hit+1 will rise up, followed by a hit+5. Now, this is extremely difficult to do, but you don't necessarily have to blast the structures around enemies. Your blast normally detonates at a certain point, if you blast and that detonation kills enemies, you will get your extra hit+1 too. The best place to do this is in the beginning of Corneria when the 5 ships join together and fly off. hit+5 is a neat thing to see, when you'd normally only get a hit+4. Try this all over the place for many extra hits! I am pretty sure that this is just a strange bug in the game. I'm not complaining, however; it is a great little technique once you get it down pretty good.

Infinite Dogfight Bug: This is an odd one. Thank's to Reynard for finding this. Here's what he had to say:

"I have found a bug. This is not a half bug, but a true bug. In a point match, if you nova bomb two ships at the same time and they both go down, and you are one away from the amount needed to win, you will jump over that amount. This was very annoying when it happened to me, and I proceeded to get a total of eleven stars, which lined up across my portrait and into Peppy's screen."

So, what we have here can be a nasty thing. Be wary of bombs from now on. They have evil secrets stored within.

Check out his neat ascii fox, too:

  "._`-.         (\-.
     '-.`;.--.___/ _`>                 ~Reynard
        `"( )    , )
~~~~~~~~~~~ "" ~~ """ ~~~

Any strange occurance that you know of? Have some info that I am missing? Send me a mail using the email link at the bottom of the page!

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