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This section is designed to give me direct user feedback in the form of a voting question. Polling will occur over a period of about a week. Have fun, and throw your vote it today! Make sure you leave a comment explaining why

The Polls have opened once again! And this time the question shall be... Who is your favorite member of Star Fox? Strangely, while I've covered most of the other possibilities for favorites, I haven't ever asked this question. Something there is amiss. Nevertheless, it is brought to you now, so lets get voting!

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Favorite Member of Star Fox

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Name - The Mystical One
Homepage - The Mystical Palace
Fav Member - Slippy Toad
Reason - Somethings wrong, I don't see anything!

Name - a jive talkin' robot
Homepage - interest in things digital
Fav Member - Slippy Toad
Reason - do the hustle!


Name - Dexpaxus
Homepage - Dexpaxus' Lair
Fav Member - Slippy Toad
Reason - He's a Toad. his name is Slippy. Nuf said.

Name - I am Arthur, King of Britains
Homepage - What do you mean, African or European?
Fav Member - Fox McCloud
Reason - Seriously. I don't own a Nintendo 64. This is a waste of time. I pick Fox McCloud simply because he has the same first name as Agent Mulder on X-Files.

Name - Prophet
Fav Member - Peppy Hare
Reason - I chose peppy because Prophet is not an option.

Name - Michael Moiseyev
Fav Member - Slippy Toad
Reason - How could one not vote for the loveable fat frog? Oh, them silly frogs. They are pretty smart though. The fat frog got a 1440 on his SATs.

Name - Al Tucci
Homepage - Evil Empire
Fav Member - Falco Lombardi
Reason - He's cool with the women.

Name - Juju
Fav Member - Fox McCloud
Reason - Because he's the BEST !!!!

Name - Sean
Fav Member - Falco Lombardi
Reason - It is about time an endangered species made a comeback.

Name - Meowth
Fav Member - Slippy Toad
Reason - Because he's cool and green and is a boy girl!


Fox McCloud2 votes
Falco Lombardi2 votes
Peppy Hare1 vote
Slippy Toad5 votes
Total Votes10 votes

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