Radius: 6,153 km
Albedo: .6
Gravity: .912
Esc Velocity: 10.77 km/s
Equilibrium: K 750
Atmosphere: N210 + CO289
Hydrographics: 0%
Biomass: 0 Quads
Class: G
Difficulty:Medium/Strong (Undecided)
Hits for Medal:100
Description:Solar may seem like the sun of the lylat system, but it is much more mysterious. Studies of Solar indicate that it is in fact a planet. Why it has not coled down from its molten state like the other planets baffles the best of Cornerian scientists. The planet is known to produce solar flares, and many rocks from the center of the planet burst up into the air. It is suspected that no living organism could survive in the harsh atmosphere, but Andross has reportedly been sending ships to the area.
Briefing:You job is to find out whether or not Andross has developed a bio-weapon in the vicinity and, if so, exterminate it. Scannings from orbit have detected many moving objects just above the surface. Be careful, these could be a new organism.

The Burning Heat - Surviving the Scorcher

Start to First Wave
First Wave to Checkpoint
Checkpoint to Just Beyond the "Wave Rally"
Wave Rally to Vulcain

This is a hard stage to keep tabs on, so don't be surprised if I missed a flare or two, or some rocks. If you know where I missed some of these things, email me. Thanks.

Start to First Wave: You'll start off and notice your life going down. Oh great. Heat isn't a nice thing, so stay very high up to avoid being damaged. Your wingmen will take damage everytime they talk to you, so if you want them to survive, they better have a lot of health remaining. For most of the first part, you'll just see solar flares. One comes from the left, then the right, then one comes towards you on the right side, then a wave will head away from you on the right, then the same thing on the left, and then two will come up towards the center at you. One will come from the left and head just right of the center. Then, Peppy will inform you to shoot the rocks that appear as a flar comes from just right of the center to smack you in the face. Ouch. If you came from Katina, Bill will show up here. Shooting rocks will give you health; flashing rocks will yeild gold rings or medium healths. Some rocks give bombs.After the initial set of rocks, a flare will come from the left side and head to the middle. Afterwards, four rocks come straight at you. You'll see a wave up ahead.

First Wave to Checkpoint: Well, this wave is on the right side, so head left. As you pass it, you'll note the next wave on the left. There are a few rocks on the right side. Bill will leave here. Two waves come from the sides and meet in the center. Stay high and in the middle to avoid them. There are about 4 firebirds in this area; one right, two left, and one in the center. A flashing rock is here, too. There are two waves up ahead. The first one is on the right. Three firebirds will come out of the wave to greet you. Three more will pop out of the left wave, and behind the waves are a large group of rocks and firebirds. That's not all. A huge group of firebirds will rise from the firey sea on the right, and head left. Past this group, two waves come from the sides and cross in the middle. Beyond is the checkpoint.

Checkpoint to Just Beyond the "Wave Rally": Just after the checkpoint, a wave will come from the left to move ahead of where you are. Another wave will do the same just beyond, and Falco will be chased by three birds here. Up ahead are four waves, but they are far to the sides, so it is hard not to miss them. Three rocks will come in between the four waves, one of them is a flashing rock which will give you a gold ring. Just passed the four waves is a large wave on the left, and on the right, Slippy is being chased by one firebird. there is another wave on the right, followed by one on the left. Some firebirds and rocks are around here. To the right of the wave on the left, a firebird flies away from you; I believe he has a bomb. A flare will also pop up from behind and head forward. Beyond, Two flares will come towards you. Up ahead is a wave.

Wave Rally to Vulcain: Rob will hail you as you pass the next wave on the right. There is a wave on the left after it, and a flashing rock shoots up high and comes down. Just beyond are a fair amount of rocks and some birds. I believe there may be some flares in here, but I did not note any. The next wave is on the left, and a huge flock of firebirds comes from the left. At the same time, a flare will come from the right, and then another flare will come from the left. Beyond are a few rocks, and then another huge flock of firebirds will rise from the depths and fly twoards the sky. A few more rocks are found just beyond, and then a huge wave will rise from the sea, and Vulcain will arise to attack.

Just Burning for a Medal

Required Hits:100
Checkpoint Goal:45-55
Hits Before Boss:89
Point Getters:Rocks, Huge Flocks of Firebirds

This stage is a real pain to get a medal in. The singlemost important tip is to shoot everything. Every single rock should be destroyed. The larger rocks will break into four smaller rocks; if you use a charged blast on these, you'll destroy the rock and the four pieces of it too. Every single rock should be blasted to pieces. It also helps to know when to bomb in this stage. Also, if you are havign trouble with your wingmen dying, then do this. In Sector Y, when you get to the all-range mdoe boss, kill off all your wingmen. After Katina, they will all come back with full life; just in time for Solar.

When the groups of 3 birds pop out of the waves, lock onto the first bird in each and blast. This will get you 5 points per group. When you reach the large group of rocks and birds, lock onto something that is in the center and bomb. This should destroy nearly everything, yeilding many points. Just beyond, when the flock heads to the left, lock on to the lead bird and bomb; every bird should eat the flames. Near the end, do the same for the flock that comes from the left and heads right; one bird will survive. Then, when you get to the huge flock that flies towards the sky, lock onto the center one, and bomb; shoot any birds that live..

Burning Mad - Expert Mode Additions

That annoying white bird! My god is this the strangest thing. I forget where it appears, but I can't kill it, and I don't know why it is there. Refer to Questions/Responses for the question, and I hope you can respond and give me some info. Other than that, I don't think there is anything new, except that you lose your wing too easily on the boss, and that makes him annoying to fight. Plus it is harder to get the hit+10 from him if you have single laser.

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