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Arwing Class StarFighter:

The arwing is an advanced flying craft capable of space and atmospheric flight. It is equipped with a special G-diffuser system allowing it to brake and boost in mid-air and in space. The G-diffuser also provides the capability to perform such aerial maneuvers as somersaulting and 180 degree U-turns. When rolling, the G-diffuser can pull eregy from the surroundings to produce a laser-deflecting shield. This craft is a more advanced version of the arwing class defense fighters that commonly guard the base at Katina. The craft uses a single laser that is produced from the nose of the cockpit, which can be further upgraded to a twin laser, with each laser being fired from the wings. If the twin laser is currently installed, a more powerful hyper laser will replace it.

Technical Specs:
Max SpeedM 4.2 (in atmosphere)
EngineNTD-FX1 plasma engine w/G-diffuser
ArmamentT&B-H1 laser cannon and Smart Bomb launcher

TurnLeft/Right...Change ViewC-Up
Lean RightR...Answer HailC-Right
Lean LeftZ...SomersaultDown+C-Left
Fire LasersA...U-turnDown+C-Down
Launch BombB...Barrel-RollR/Z Twice

Landmaster Tank:

The landmaster is a ground attack tank similar in design to the arwing. It features a G-diffuser unit which allows it to roll and hover, as well as propell itself sideways and up steep slopes. Do to the strain it receives when in use, the G-diffuser cannot produce a shield when rolling. It is equipped with a cannon that fires a single bolt at a time, and can do so in rapid succession. It also contains a bomb launcher much the same as the arwing's..

Technical Specs:
Max Speed207skm/h (using booster)
Armor65sm at front and rear, 45sm at sides
ArmamentT&B-J1 laser cannon and Smart Bomb launcher

Boost RightR...BoostC-Left
Boost LeftZ...Change ViewC-Up
HoverR+Z...Answer HailC-Right
Fire CannonA...RollR/Z Twice
Launch BombB

Blue-Marine Submersible:

The Blue-Marine is a submarine created by Slippy Toad and his Father, the director of engineering at Arpace Dynamics, from spare arwing parts. Because of this, the Blue-Marine is very similar to the arwing in ability, only it is to be used underwater. Its G-Diffuser allows it to brake and boost underwater, and create the same shield that the arwing does. Its lasers are very much the same as the arwings, but all types are fired from the nose. There is a torpedo-generating launcher capable of producing and firing light torpedos to light the path ahead in deep water, and to cause damage. The targetting system allows the torpedos to be directed to a target.

Technical Specs:
Max Speed116skt (using booster)
Max Dive2000sm
ArmamentModified T&B-U3 laser cannon and torpedo launcher

ClimbDown...Fire TorpedoB
Lean RightR...Change ViewC-Up
Lean LeftZ...Answer HailC-Right
Fire LasersA...Barrel-RollR/Z Twice

Great Fox Mothership:

Great Fox is the StarFox team's mothership and main base of operations. It features 3 plasma engines to move quickly to different areas. It is piloted by the StarFox team's loyal robot, ROB64, who was built specifically to fly and man this great ship. James McCloud took out an 80-year, low intrest loan to pay for the ship, which his son is paying back with the money earned from missions. The ship provides extra parts for repairs and various items to enhances arwing. It features a small-unit transportation device to send supplies in the heat of battle.

Technical Specs:
Max SpeedM 1.4 (in atmosphere)
EnginesNTD-FX9 plasma engine x3
ArmamentT&B-H9 hyper laser cannons x2

Image Courtesy Björn Cole

Arwing Class Defense Fighter:

A less advanced model of the arwings used by the StarFox team, this craft is used mainly by the Cornerian defense forces at Katina Base. These fighters are not equipped with a G-diffuser system and are not capable of firing more than a single laser. however, their design allows them to fly quickly through the air and make resonably tight turns.

Technical Specs:
Max SpeedM 3.1 (in atmosphere)
EngineNTD-FX1 plasma engine
ArmamentT&B-H1 laser cannon

Image Courtesy Björn Cole

Wolfen Class StarFighter:

A Venomian ship with capabilities very much similar to those of the Arwing Class StarFighters. It is equipped with a G-diffuser system that allows them to perform somersaults and U-turns, as well as brake and boost. However, this inferior system cannot produce a shield when rolling. Their design has some flaws and cannot maneuver as well as the Arwing Class StarFighters. These ships are primarily used by Venom's top pilots, namely the StarWolf team led by Wolf O'Donnell. Intelligence reports that a new, Wolfen 2 Prototype is in development which is more advanced than the StarFox team's ships. Supposedly it will have a shockwave dampener to block the effects of bombs, and the shield produced can block several volleys of laser fire. Charged blasts are utterly useless against this machine.

Technical Specs:
Max SpeedM 3.9 (in atmosphere)
EngineNTD-FX1 plasma engine w/G-diffuser
ArmamentT&B-H1 laser cannon

Image Courtesy Björn Cole

The CatSpaw:

This craft is a heavily modified Invader Class ship. It is piloted by Katt, who obviously stole it from one of Andross' advanced military bases. Much more capable and stable than typical Invader Class ships, the CatSpaw is able to maneuver quite well, easily rivaling that of the Arwing. It fires the standard laser cannon, and is not capable of launching bombs.

Technical Specs:
Max SpeedM 3.5 (in atmosphere)
EngineNTD-FX1 plasma engine
ArmamentT&B-H1 laser cannon

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