Venom 1: Well of Andross

This is not that hard of a course, despite getting the hard classification by the game. You'll fly over the planet and see a tunnel, much like the one you when down in when you fought Andross on Venom one. This time, however, you'll get to fly around in all-range mode here. StarWolf will show up with their Wolfen Class 2 ships. ROB64 will drop supplies off every now and then. Be careful, these guys are much harder on expert mode.

A Medal for Dogfighting

Required Hits:200
Hits Before Andross:180
Point Getters:Quickly Destroyed Wolfen Ships, Eyes, and Andross

Not really that hard to get a medal here. Some points to note: If you destroy a StarWolf member in the first 3 minutes, you'll get a hit+50. After that it'll go down to a hit+30. After awhile more, it'll sink to +20, then +10, and so on... You will want to get at least three hit+50's. If the last ship gives you only a hit+30, that is okay, Andross can give you the extra points you need. If you lose one wing, purposely destroy the other wing. It is harder to fly with one wing than no wings. ROB64 will always send a supply container soon after your wing(s) get destroyed. Save Slippy first, then Peppy, then kill Wolf, and then get Leon. Chase the Wolfen ship that is attacking Slippy (Andrew), and then once he is shaken off, attack Pigma (following Peppy). Alternate between the two and Andrew and Pigma will be gone rather quickly. Check Falco's life, and if its still high, concentrate on Wolf. Once Wolf is out of the picutre, nail Leon. If you only have 184 when entering Andross' lair, you must finish off Andross' true form quickly. The eyes will give you +5 each (12 point total) and Andross will give you a +10. This will make up for the missing 20 points.

Now You Will Feel True Pain - Expert Mode Additions

There are none, except that the Wolfen 2 ships fire at you more, are harder to shake off, and you lose your wings easier.

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