Radius: 4,893 km
Albedo: .32
Gravity: .85
Esc Velocity: 9.45 km/s
Equilibrium: K 281
Atmosphere: N280 + O217
Hydrographics: 8%
Biomass: 676 Quads
Class: D
Hits for Medal:150
Description:Katina is very much similar to Corneria. However, there is much less water on this planet. Andross attacked the base before primary colonization could take place. Bill Gray, a friend of fox is leading the defense force here.
Briefing:The base on Katina is under attack by a horde of Venomian ships. You are to provide backup support for the defnse force in place there. Reports show that theVenomian mothership is near the planet and is deploying its ships to attack the base. Destroy it at all costs.

Join the Resistance - Prepare for Katina

You will enter the stage in all-range mode to find that the defense force is overrun by Venomian ships. The defense force pilots ships similar to the arwings, but not as advanced. The Venomian ships are smaller, and are disc-like in shape; they remind me of stingrays. Once all of them, or almost all of them are destroyed, The mothership will open its hatches to deploy more ships. There is no rest for the weary. BIll will say "The hatches are open" when the hatches are open, of course :) This is your cue to fire on the hatches; they don't take many hits to destroy. Destroying a hatch will cause less ships to be deployed. Once all the hatches are destroyed, or the mothership is almost over the center of the base, It will open up its core. Destroy this in one minute, or it'll fire upon the base, utterly annihilating it.

Muddling the Mothership - Meeting Medal Requirements

Required Hits:150
Hits Before Destroying Core:150 (Leave nothing for chance.)
Point Getters:Hatches, Groups of Ships, Core

Well, there are somethings you should know. The more defense forces there are, the more ships they shoot down. It is a good idea to fire at everything (except, of course, your wingmen). Also, once all hatches are destroyed, the core will appear, and the battle will end in a minute. You need to be able to draw out the battle, and be able to destroy as many ships as possible.

Fire indescriminantly at all things that aren't marked with a little triangle. You will get more hits. I don't like to lock and fire; since it takes too long, and often doesn't give bonus points. When the hatches appear, destroy all of them but 1. This will provide enough ships to destroy, prevent your wingmen from takign too many hits, and draw out the battle long enough to destroy all those ships.

When the core appears, do not destroy it until you have 150 hits! Even if you are 11 short, it takes at least 3 passes to destroy it. That kinda time isn't worth it; especially if you don't have much time left. You can kill much more than 11 ships in that time. If you are desperate for points, kill off the last hatch for 6 more, but only do this when time is almost up.

Enemies' Energy Core - Expert Mode Additions

Well, not too much is added in expert mode. The only things are that there are more enemies in the first part of the stage, and the hatches seem to launch more ships.

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