Cast of Characters - Who's Who

Name - Fox McCloud
Age - 18
Height - 1.73sm
Weight - 70.31sk
Rating - SP 1st Class

Fox McCloud is the young leader of the StarFox team. He is known for his extreme sense of justice and his piloting skills. He became the leader of the StarFox team after his father, James McCloud was captured and presumably killed by Andross. He is dedicated to defeating the manical Andross and all good deeds.

Name - Falco Lombardi
Age - 19
Height - 1.88sm
Weight - 74.84sk
Rating - SP 1st Class

Falco Lombardi is a hot-shop pilot who formerly led a gang of hot rodders before being enlisted into the mercenary StarFox team by Fox McCloud. He is arrogant, but remains loyal to the other members of the team, and to his friends. His piloting skills pay off in battle, and often can survive long scrapes without neededing help. His piloting skills are second only to Fox.

Name - Peppy Hare
Age - 41
Height - 1.70sm
Weight - 71.03sk
Rating - SP 1st Class

Peppy is the oldest and wisest member of the StarFox team, and was a good friend of James McCloud. It was he who urged Fox to become the leader of the new StarFox team. He was the only member to survive the traitorous actions of Pigma Dengar. His wisdom can aid in battle as he points out enemy weakpoints and warns of danger ahead. Listen to his advice,and you can suceed.

Name - Slippy Toad
Age - 18
Height - 1.67sm
Weight - 63.50sk
Rating - SP 2nd Class & Engineer 1st Class

Slippy Toad is primarily an engineer, but is still a good pilot. His inventions have aided the StarFox team as he improved the arwings, and created the Blue-Marine submersible. His skills enable him to analyse the shields of enemy fighters, and to point out the amount of health Andross' bio-weapons have remaining. While he often gets himself into dangerous scrapes, his skills are very much needed and respected by the others.

Name - Bill Grey
Age - 18
Height - 1.76sm
Weight - 69.83sk
Rating - DP 1st Class

Bill Grey and Fox go back a long way. They trained together in the Cornerian Defense Academy, where they became best friends. He is now a Squadron commander in the Cornerian Air Force, and is in charge of defending Katina Base. Fox knows that Bill would join StarFox if asked, but does not want to pull Bill into his troubles.

Name - Katt Monroe
Age - 20
Height - 1.68sm
Weight - 67.84sk
Rating - Nil

Katt Monroe is a friend of Falco's and has a crush on him, but he pretends not to notice. She taunts him by sweet-talking Fox, in attempt to make Falco notice her. She has no love for Andross or his forces, as her ship was once captured and destroyed by Venomian forces. She stole her ship, dubbed the CatSpaw from one of Andross' advanced military bases and modified the Invader Class ship to meet her own standards. she will do anything to see that Andross gets his just deserts, and plans to make a run on his oil operations in Zoness, in hopes of crippling his defenses.

Name - General Pepper
Age - 49
Height - 1.91sm
Weight - 76.23sk
Rating - General

General Pepper was an old friend of James McCloud, and feels guilty that he sent James to his doom. He now worries about Fox and feel responsible for whatever might happen to him. He is in charge of the Cornerian army, and was the one who summoned StarFox to once again save Corneria and stop Andross.

Name - James McCloud
Age - 43
Height - 1.75sm
Weight - 70.52sk
Rating - SP 1st Class

James McCloud was Fox's father. He was betrayed by Pigma Dengar and lead into the evil grasp of Andross. He was reportedly killed, but it has never been proven. He could be trapped somewhere, or twisted by the evil experiments of Andross.

Name - Wolf O'Donnell
Age - 27
Height - 1.83sm
Weight - 73.02sk
Rating - Pirate 1st Class

Wolf O'Donnell used to be the leader of a gang of space pirates. When Andross offered him money to lead a mercenary team against Fox McCloud and the StarFox team, he jumped to the chance to see Fox fail. He teamed up with Pigma Dengar and Andross' nephew, Andrew Oikonny, and found the mysterious Leon Powalski in a rough bar on Venom. Now, he seeks to destroy StarFox and protect Andross, so that he may be feared throughout the galaxy.

Name - Leon Powalski
Age - 32
Height - 1.43sm
Weight - 67.82sk
Rating - Merc 1st Class

No one knows who Leon is or where he came from, but he seems to be motivated by pain and suffering, as well as money. He delights in torturing his victims before destroying them. His skills are second only to Wolf, and is the rough equivalent of Falco in skill. He is known to pull some cunning tricks, and his arrogance makes him feel superior to everything.

Name - Pigma Dengar
Age - 39
Height - 1.64sm
Weight - 68.91sk
Rating - SP 1st Class

Pigma served as one of James MecCloud's wingmen in the original StarFox team. However, Pigma had made a deal with Andross to become one of Venom's top pilots, and led his teammates into a trap. It was his doing that brought about the Defeat of James McCloud, and nearly that of Peppy Hare, too. He now ranks 3rd in Andross' special mercenary unit, StarWolf, and would delight in seeing StarFox's demise.

Name - Andrew Oikonny
Age - 17
Height - 1.91sm
Weight - 73.94sk
Rating - Merc 3rd Class

Andrew is the whiney nephew of Andross. Andross made him a pilot to keep him out of his own business, and because he wanted nothing to do with him. He is not much of anything. His piloting skills are worse than Slippy's, and he is not very good at fighting, either.

Name - ROB64
Age - 3
Height - 1.50sm
Weight - 86.24sk
Rating - Class V6g Robotic Pilot

ROB64 controls the nerve center of Great Fox. He was buitl specifically for the purpose of piloting and maintaining Great Fox. He oversees all repairs and supplies onboard the ship, and without him, the StarFox team would be harder pressed.

Name - Andross
Age - ??
Height - ??
Weight - ??
Rating - N/A

Once known as Dr. Andross, he was exhiled to Venom because of his experiments. He cared not about the safety of the publicand became a threat. He has now resurfaced, and is created massive amount of bioweapons and fighters to said his war against Corneria. He must be stopped at all costs.

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