Radius: 5,789 km
Albedo: .45
Gravity: .873
Esc Velocity: 11.23 km/s
Equilibrium K: 280
Atmosphere: N276 + O223
Hydrographics: 97%
Biomass: 2,545 Quads
Class: W
Vehicle:Blue Marine
Hits for Medal:150
Description: Aquas is a planet composed of almost of water, and contains very little dry land. Andross has poluted the environment and mutated the once harmless seacreatures into deadly weapons under his control. Underwater ruins suggest that an intelligent society once dwelled on the planet.
Briefing:Explore the depths of the sea and destroy Andross' bio-weapon. Pollution is think, so use the light-torpedoes to help see.

The Murky Depths - Swimthrough

Entrance to Ruins
Ruins to Checkpoint
Checkpoint to End

Entrance to Ruins: Ah. Look at the fishes. Look at the squid. Look at the squid shoot you. 2 squid will come from the left. Onthe other side of the first hill is a starfish and a clam. Shoot the inside of the clams to kill them. The next clam is a little beyond and to the left of the first. There is an arch beyond, and two squid will be coming from the left, and pass just behind the arch. To the right is another arch. Past this, two more squid will swim past from the left. There is a clam in front of the next arch, which is on the left side of the field. After passing under this arch, you will notice a rather large squid who is spinning around sheading lasers all over the place. It is a good idea to be firing a torp, lasers, and barrel-rolling all at the same time in this stage. Beyond the hill is a starfish and another arch. Past this is a clam and two rock-enemies. Shoot them with a torp to open them up; another torp will kill them and a volley of lasers will do likewise. An eel will come from the left, and a clam is just beyond. The next eel comes from the right, with a clam just behind it too.

Ruins to Checkpoint: Cracked pillars can be shot with torpedoes to be knocked down. Up ahead will be some little white cones that launch at you. They are hard to hit with lasers, but easy to avoid. Past this are two sets of four colomns. Little horseshoe crabs lie on the floor. They will swim up if you pilot close to them. Their undersides are weak to lasers, and torps will kill them instantly. The leftmost cracked pillar on the second set contains a gold ring. Beyond is an angler fish. Shooting this will give you a hit+5, but it takes a lot of lasers and a few torps to destroy. After the ruins, four squid will swim toward you, barrel-roll to block the lasers. Four horseshoe crabs are on the bottom here. Afterwards, 2 squid will come from the right, 3 from the left, and then usually 2 will come, alternating sides. I am not sure of the exact numbers in each group, but there are a lot, and they alternate sides. A large one is up ahead shooting lasers everywhere. If there was ever a place to barrel-roll, it is here. Just past the large squid is the checkpoint.

Checkpoint to End: Just behind the checkpoint are 4 more horseshoe crabs. To the left is another angler. Just behind the crabs and right of the angler is a horseshoe crab. Killing it yields a laser upgrade. A squid will come from the left, and another from the right. There is an angler coming from behind, too. A large group (12 or 16) horseshoe crabs is right in front of the entrance to a canyon. In the canyon, three groups of 3 jelly fish lay down a triangular electric field. If there is enough space, pilot through the triangles, otherwise head to the side. Many starfish lie upon the walls, and some rocks fall down at various points. At the end of the canyon, many rocks will fall down. Brake to avoid having them crash on top of you. Beyond is a clam and a rock enemy. An arch lies just past this, and an angler comes from the left. Another rock enemy is here, too, and there are three clams, alternating left and right. Just past this, you'll find the enemy bio-weapon, Bacoon, terror of the deep.

Aquatic Ceremony - Getting a Medal

Required Hits:150
Checkpoint Goal:70-80
Hits Before Boss:127
Point Getters:Angler Fish, Eels, Large Squid,

This is not a hard stage to get a medal on. Just keep firing your torps and shooting your lasers. Make sure you destroy both eels, all the anglers in sight, and all the large squid. Don't forget about the horseshoe crabs either! They can give you a lot of points. Don't miss the clams, they are an easy enemy to kill. Brake and blast every rock at the end of the canyon, and don't miss any of the starfish in there either. Not difficult at all.

Eat Fish - Expert Mode additions.

A few more seacreatures here and there, and thats it. It is much easier to get a medal in expert here than in normal mode. Oh yeah. In the area where there are a lot of lasers being fired, you must be barrel-rolling; it is vital.

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