Grav Field Str: High
Generator Pylons: 6
Hits for Medal:150
Description:Bolse is an artificial satellite created by Andross and used for defense. Its shield generator produces a strong gravitational field. This is the last line of defense before Venom.
Briefing:Destroy the satellite's core. This will cause a chain-reaction that will eliminate the defense station, allowing entrance to venom. Before the core can be destroyed, the shield and gravitational field must be removed by destroying the 6 energy pylons aroudn the perimeter of the satellite. Intelligence reports that Andross has ordered the StarWolf team to defend the satellite should it come under attack.

Knowing the Defense - Surviving Bolse

This is a rather long stage. In fact, It is probably the longest of the all-range mode stages. You will first enter the surface of the statellite. You will probably first see the large shield around the center of the satellite. You next notice that it seems like the satellite is rotating. And then the electric beams as they cut through your hull. Well, lets set through to explore the surface. You see little ships flying around. Shoot one, and watch it not go down. Ah ha! The ships are shielded too. That isn't good... You'll also notice guns taking some shots at you. They are on the ground. Fire at one. Yes, they aren't shielded. Now, take a look at where the electric beams are connecting. Yeah, those little columns. Now, take a closer look at the columns, and you will see that the top is different. Try shooting at it. You'll see that it takes damage. Try shooting at it a lot. It'll eventually go down. And so will its electric beam. In fact, if you fool around you'll notice you can lock onto the generator pylons.

Okay. Now that you've discovered all this happy fun stuff, why not put it to use? Fly around and destroy all fo the generator pylons. Ah fun. You may notice that if you fly clockwise, you go a bit faster than normal. And you may notice that if you fly counterclockwise, that you barely go anywhere at all. Ah! The joys of gravitational fields. Use this to your advantage. Fly clockwise till you see an active pylon, than reverse your direction so that you have plenty of time to take it out. Also, while your trying this, take note that the guns give you silver rings most of the time, and occaisionally a gold ring.

Once you destroy the generator, you'll have the pleasant experience of being greeted by a lot of Bolse's defense ships. Take out as many as you can. Eventually, the satellite's core will rise. If you didn't defeat them earlier, StarWolf will show up either a little before the core appears, or when it appears. Take care of StarWolf if you can, and destroy the ships. Make sure you save your friends too. There are lots of nasty things that chase them here. Your real target is the core. You must aim for the little yellow relays that cover the outside of it. The core is spinning too. When a relay is destroyed, you will get a time bonus for it. Also, it will start firing a blue laser in random locations; not pretty, but it does not reach very far. when the enemy ships are all destroyed, or when there are only a few left, more ships will arrive from space. Eventually, they will stop coming.

Battling Bolse - Medal Proportions

Required Hits:150
Hits Before Destroying Core:149 - You will get at least one point for a relay.
Point Getters:Quickly Destroyed Core Relays, StarWolf

Getting a medal on Bolse may seem like a steep task, but it really is easy. First off, make sure StarWolf is dead by the time you arrive here. That means you must visit Fortuna first, and destroy StarWolf there. On Bolse, take a few spins around and destroy all of the guns. This should take two passes. Next, use the method mentioned above to take care of the generator pylons. When the ships appear, destroy them with your lasers quickly. To save your wingmen, lock onto the ship that is closest to him to destroy all three.

When the core appears, act fast. You get a time bonus for each relay, so exploit this. Go mad, destroying every relay except for 1 or 2 of them. At a hit+10 a piece, this will surely raise your hits. Then, go wild, destroying ships left and right. Save your wingmen everytime they get in trouble. This is still a long battle, and you need to keep them alive. Some ships give you a silver ring--make sure you get these--as do any remaining guns. (You may want to leave some guns unharmed, just so you can fill up your lifebar at this point.) When you have 150 hits, finish off the remaining relay, and claim victory.

Errant Destroyers - Expert Mode Additions

More ships as far as I can tell. And things fire more stuff at you. Just the usual. All-range modes are a lot easier to get a medal on in expert mode, too.

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