Radius 6,464 km
Albedo .37
Gravity 1.000
Esc Velocity 12.10 km/s
Equilibrium K 279
Atmosphere N277 + O221
Hydrographics 75%
Biomass 2,870 Quads
Class H
Hits for Medal:150
Description:Corneria is the Lylat System's breadbasket. Most of the population resides here, and the cities are built in harmony with nature. It is the attack on this planet that causes the StarFox team to begin their mission to stop Andross. Most of the stage is fought in Corneria City, where construction robots run rampant, and the weakest of Venom's forces are attacking. You start outside the south cannon, and finish up outside the city in the forests, or a lake.
Briefing:Your mission is to route the enemy forces in the city, and to destroy those that still remain beyond the city. Only then may you journey to other areas of space to defeat the menace of Andross. A large attack robot stands outside the city in the forest, and it is rumored than the Venomian Attack Carrier is in the area.

I shall have a map to put here eventually. Stay tuned, it may be a couple of days.

Guide to Survival - What to Expect

Before the City
Entrance to Checkpoint
Checkpoint to Overpass
Overpass to Robot
WaterFall to Attack Carrier

Before the City: You start off over water south of the city. A single ship will greet you, and then two more will come from behind. Two groups will fly towards you from the sides, merging into one, if still alive. Slippy is the first to get in trouble, when a ship follows him. They will come from the left side of the screen. Next, you will enter a canyon, and lasers will be shot at you from behind. This will occur five times, and the attackers will move in front of you. Up ahead is the city.

Entrance to Checkpoint: Right away there will be 4 ships flanking a cylindrical tower that has tilted; destroying these gives you a silver ring. Beyond is an arch and various buildings. Saucers often float near the buildings. A little down the road are 2 ground tanks near an archway. Past this, there is an elevated road with 3 ground tanks on it. You will see a laser upgrade near a tower. There is a berserk construction robot that will push the tower over the upgrade. Further down, to the left are 3 saucers, on the road are 3 ground tanks. About here is when two small ships will come from behind--brake or somersault to shake them off. Just ahead a building is tipped towards you by another construction robot. If you kill him, you can fly through the fire and pick up a bomb. A short distance later is a closed gate with a saucer in front. To the sides, construction robots will knock over buildings. Just beyond are some ground tanks and the checkpoint.

Checkpoint to Overpass: After the checkpoint, Falco zooms ahead to kill things and asks you to rid the 3 ships behind him. If you don't destroy them, Falco will be shot down. Shortly after will be an arch, flying through it causes four saucers to appear. Some ground tanks are always present on the road, and groups of 3 saucers hang to the right and left at various points. A little ways down is a building that forces you to go left or right. Going left can net you a bomb, while the right holds a laser upgrade. If you haven't saved Falco by now, he will be shot down. Just past the items are some hills. Beyond is an overpass. There are 2 ground tanks on the overpass, and 2 beneath it. These ones will fire at you. Barrel-rolsl can deflect their shots. Head under the overpass.

Overpass to Robot: After the overpass, you will come to a small hill. Visible are 2 construction robots. One will hurl a beam at you, either high or low. The other will only spin his. There are 3 ground tanks just beyond. These fire. You will come to a lake with some arches. Robots are skiing past at various points. If you saved Falco, flying through all arches with allow you to go a different route in the course. When passing through the first arch, a bomb appears under it. Pull a somersault as soon as you see it to get it.Just beyond this is a waterfall and some trees. If you saved Falco and flew through the 7 arches, you will go through the waterfall to a different area. In the forest are various items, as well as birds. These birds fly around and drop cannonballs that shoot flames straight up. They take a few hits to destroy--all birds in this game do. Near the end of the forest, some trees jump up and fire a laser at you. Just beyond, you will switch to all-range mdoe to combat the Enemy Robot.

WaterFall to Attack Carrier: Falco will guide you through the waterfall. The passage is narrow. Just beyond is a canyon. The connonball-dropping birds are here, and there are a lot of them. A little ways down are some trees. Some of them jump and shoot a laser. You will see Falco chase a ship, and then 2 sets of three ships will fly out. The first group will give you a gold ring if destroyed, and the second, a laser upgrade. There is a large lake here, and then the Attack Carrier will come from behind to attack.

Test Your Metal - Get a Medal on Corneria

Required Hits:150
Checkpoint Goal:70-90
Hits Before Boss:139
Point Getters:Construction Robots, SkiBots, Ground Tanks

There are lotsa of little things that get you points. Some are obscure places that cause more enemies to appear, others are often over-looked enemies, and there are plenty of spots for charged-blast harvests.

In the beginning, when the two groups come from left and right, lock onto the one on the lower left of the left-hand group. Hold lock until they merge. Fire and you'll kill all five, and get the laser upgrade in the process. Also, in the canyon, wait till some of the ships that come from behind are near each other to get a nice +1 or +2. Just beyond the canyon is another good spot. Lock onto one of the 4 ships, and when they are about to meet in the center, launch the charge to kill them all. Far to the right, a little ways past the large arch, is a burned, U-shaped building. tilt, and fly through it (It looks like you will crash, but you won't.). Out from behind a building will pop 3 ships. Lock onto the center one and blast to kill them all. The first construction robot is just behind; make sure you get him.

After the robot, three saucers will be to the left. Charge and blast. Be sure to lock and blast the ground tanks too. Do a somersault when the ships chase you so you have time to kill the next c-bot. Also, if you fly through some of the supports for the elevated road, enemy groups will appear. At the close gate, shoot the saucer ahead, then lock and blast the c-bot on the left. Then do a sharp turn and lock and blast the c-bot on the right. Try to lock and blast the ground tanks just beyond the gate. Use brakes if needed.

Fly through the arch immediately after the checkpoint and lock onto one of the 4 saucers that appear, and destroy them all. Blast the saucer by the next burned U-shaped build, and fly though that to cause 3 ships to appear. Blast the groups of 3 saucers, and as many ground tanks as you can. Try to lock onto one of the ships chasing Falco, and boost forward when Peppy tells you to. That way you can save Falco. It is much easier to get the medal if you head through the water fall. Lock onto one of the upper ground tanks at the overpass to take out three tanks. Finish the last one with lasers.

Destroy the two c-bots that are past the overpass. Then lock onto the middle ground tank to kill all three. At the arches, just head straight through them all, and blast all the SkiBots that get in front of you. You then head onto land. Blast as many birds as you can before going through the waterfall. Beyond, lock onto the birds and blast. You could launch a bomb to clear them all out. Just blast everything here. Kill the ship Falco chases, and then lock and blast the next two groups. You should be all set for a medal. Kill the Attack Carrier as fast as possible.

Expect the Unexpected - Expert Mode Additions

In general, more enemies :) After the first ship will come two groups of three ships. After saving slippy, two ships will fly past. More ground tanks are present--many groups of 2 are now 3, and groups of 3 are now 4--and the saucers shoot at you. More saucers are placed in inconvenient locations; especially when you try to lock onto the ships following Falco, and you lock onto a saucer instead. More cannoball-dropping birds are present. Overall, it is easier to get a medal in expert mode than it is in normal mode.

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