Radius: 7,954 km
Albedo: .25
Gravity: 1.270
Esc Velocity: 15.31 km/s
Equilibrium K: 230
Atmosphere: N275 + O220
Hydrographics: 68%
Biomass: 539 Quads
Class: M
Hits for Medal:150
Description: MacBeth houses the Venomian weapons depot, and is the supply base for Andross' fleet. A train runs accross a vast portion of the surface, bringing minerals from mines and transporting arms to the base for deployment.
Briefing:Take out the enemy base, and stop the supplies from reaching Venom's fleet if you can. Doing so will prevent Andross from reinforcing Area 6, and would enable you to attack Venom from its most vulnerable side. There are 8 switches near the base that will switch the track. Doing this could surprise the enemy!

Raiding the Railroad - Planing Your Attack

Start to Industrial Area
Industrial Area to Checkpoint
Checkpoint to End

Start to Industrial Area: MacBeth is one very cool stage. There is a lot to do in the stage, giving it a load of variety. When you start off, there will be a train on your right. The cars take a lot of hits to go down, but they will. The flatbeds that are left can be destroyed too. Up ahead are some blockades that are easily taken down by lasers. Scouties will fly overhead and laserguns will fire at you from two towers. Any lasertower has a high chance of giving you a bomb. Just past this, a car will drop rocks into your path. You can use a bomb to clear them out, hover over them, or blast the few that get in your way. There are lasertowers just beyond. A small traincar with a laser on it will cross from the left to the right, and you will notice scouties circling overhead. another lasercar will appear on your right, and then another one will come from the left; shoot this with a charged blast to get a gold and silver ring.There will be another up ahead, and two you right will appear a bomb.

Industrial Area to Checkpoint: You will approach some walls. Butterfly ships will attack. They will come as two groups--the first has 3, the next has 2--and merge into one group. Next, 5 scouties will fly overhead, and turn around after a short distance. Up ahead, some rocks will bounce towards you, then a whole line of four will. You'll then meet up with 2 groups of 3 scouties before dropping down lower. Down here are little scout ships. You can bomb the cars above to destroy them, or just fire a lot up there too. Soon, you will come to an area where boulders and cannonballs are dropped. The cannonballs shoot flame straight up when they hit the ground. Eventually, you with head up an incline into the tunnel. Three bars will try to block you; hover over them. Make sure you destroy the train cars that are in your way. At the end of the tunnel is the checkpoint.

Checkpoint to End: There will be lotsa arches ahead. There should be one car left to destroy as well. Move under arches and collect silver rings. Eventually, you will see a gate-arch that has three moving gates. Boost through this when you can to get a gold ring. Shortly afterwards, you will near the first of the switches. There will be bars that cross to prevent you from heading in one direction; you can hover over these. To the right of that, you can get a bomb if you got the gold ring; watch out for the pole that can rise up in front of you. When you see the light of day, the first 2 switches will be ahead of you. Shoot them until they turn green; butterfly ships will attack here. Switch #4 is up high. Shoot this before 3, which is parallel to 4 on the left side of the track. The boss, MechBeth, will arrive here and ROB64 will hail you. Under the next gate-arch will be the supply conatiner. Parallel to that gate is the 5th switch. Under the next gate is the 6th switch. Shoot the gate a few times to open it, then shoot the switch which is immediately behind it. Stay to the left to shoot the 7th switch, which is behind a blockade that you can destroy. Parallel to 7, on the other side, is 8. Falco will shoot this for you if he is in your group. Beyond is a box with 8 lights. If you hit all of the switches, these will all be green. Shoot it to open the box and reveal a lever--poles will rise up to stop you--which can be shot to switch the track.

Those Medalling Fools! - Medal on MacBeth

Required Hits:150
Checkpoint Goal:90-100
Hits Before Boss:99
Point Getters:Rocks, Lasercars, Traincars

Do to the the track-switching ability, and the amount of points it gives you, this course is rather easy to get a medal on. Hopefully you came from Zoness and/or have 9 bombs. Aim at the large car to your left at the beginning (not the one with the rocks) and bomb; it'll go boom. The destroy the next two cars that have rocks, by firing rapidly at them. Make sure you destroy the remaining flatbeds after destroying the rest of the car. Blast the blockade that should be right in front of you by now. Sit and wait for all of the rocks to be dumped onto the road. Bomb the middle of them; this will destroy all of the rocks, and the two lasertowers should give bombs; hover to get them. Use charged blasts to destroy the lasercars, as you'll get hit bonuses. Shoot the ships in the air when you aren't busy destroying the lasercars.

At the beginning of the Industrial area, lock onto the middle butterfly ship, and wait for the 2nd group to join. Then blast away for a good hit bonus. Try to lock onto the middle scoutie as it flies over you, and destroy them all. Destroy the single bouncing rocks, and use 3 charged blasts in the middle of the 4-rock line; this'll get you a few hit+3's and a gold ring. Lock onto the groups of 3 scouties that will fly towards you. Once you go down the hill, aim bombs at the cars above to destroy them. Lock onto the groups of small ships and destroy them all to get another bomb. Fly under the arch and save Falco. If a car is still sruviving; bomb it now, and before you head downhill again, hover to get up on the elevated track. You will get a gold ring. Make sure you destroy all cars when in the tunnel. By the time you reach the checkpoint, the remaining cars should only be barely visible.

After the checkpoint, blast off the cover that hides the cargo of the car, and bomb to destroy the car. Then continue on until you reach the first switch. Destroy all butterfly ships that you see, and make sure you hit all 8 switches. Upon doing so, Mr. MechBeth is toast and it'll give you a nice huge hit+50! If you miss a switch or more, don't fret; you can still get a medal, although it is very hard. Continue fighting the boss. Eventually, some laser cars will come; blast them. After awhile, scouties will circle around in the air. You can kill these for more hits. If you can survive the boss for long enough to get 149, then, good. Finish off the boss and claim your medal. It takes more skill to get the medal this way than the other; but if you are really good, you can rack up an unbelievably high score on MacBeth doing this.

Defensive Actions - Expert Mode Additions

Once more, I am not sure. Some things take a few more hits, and I think there are more scouties, but that is about it. If you know anything else, tell me.

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