Number of Objects: 1.32e6
Average Albedo: .004
Average Radius: 20km
Warp Gates: 7
Hits for Medal:200
Description:Reminiscent of StarFox's Asteroid Belt, Meteo is a maze of asteroids and is filled with enemies. From weak asteroids, to large asteroids, you should be kept on your toes with a variety of obstacles in such an area of similar things.
Briefing:Your mission is to destroy the Venomian troops entrenched in the Meteo Field. Rumors exist about a warp field somewhere in the area, and of a large rock crusher that is just beyond the field.

Guide to Survival - Knowing the Course

Beginning to First Tunnel
First Tunnel to Second Tunnel
Second Tunnel to Rock Crusher

Beginning to First Tunnel: First off, there will be lotsa brown asteroids in front of you. Shooting them gives you hits, and breaks them up; clearing a path for you. Flying through the rings of solid rock asteroids will cause a laser upgrade to appear in the last, smaller ring. There is a gold ring just after and left of the rock ring with the solid rock right beyond. Peppy thinks it is too quiet, and he is right. There are white plasma-spewing enemies hiding behind the rocks. These will pop up as you go along. Afterwards, you will see two rocks, and something jumping up and down, firing a laser. Also, you will see a rock tunnel. Two space worms swarm out. Their head is the weak point. They will come back from behind if you do not kill them. Beware of lasers in the tunnel.

First Tunnel to Second Tunnel: At the end of the first tunnel is a line of three items. Get the lowest one, then wait for a second (literally) then do a somersault to get the remaining two. It takes some practice. There is a circle of four solid ones to the far right. Flying through these gives a laser upgrade. Up ahead are some huge asteroids. Dodge the first two by going either up or down. Next, you will find two asteroids about to crash into each other. Brake at Peppy's cue to avoid being squashed. At the next pair, aim for the bomb, and boost at Peppy's cue to get through. There will be some small asteroids ahead, and four ships that have sheilding on one side; ROB64 will page you. ("You've got mail!") Answer his hail and he'll drop a supply container. Stay high, then brake and dive when you are warned about the enemies behind you. Peppy will be chased by 4 ships here. Three groups of 5 ships will approach next. After this, you'll hear Peppy say "The enemy's coming from behind!" Four ships will lay a laser field in a circular motion; fly throughthe middle of it, and destroy them to stop them from laying more laser down. You should be at the second tunnel now; barrel-roll to avoid the guns that fire. Or you can use a bomb to blast them all if you are getting annoyed.

Second Tunnel to Rock Crusher: Just beyond the 2nd tunnel, a lot of ships will lay down a laser net. If you bombed the laser guns, you might have killed some of these ships. Just fly through the gaps. Little laser shooters are disguised as asteroid past this. Falco will help you destroy some. They can still hit you from behind. Then the BeeBot wil lattack. Avoid its circular fire ,and destroy ti. FI you kill it quickly, another one will appear. Right before the checkpoint, Slippy will get into trouble. Help him out by locking onto a ship and bombing it, or by taking them out with regular shots. Don't miss the checkpoint. After the checkpoint, a group of 5 ships will appear ,and Falco will destroy an asteroid to reveal a gold ring. After that, you'll see ships making laser trails, and a ring of enemies. Lock onto the ring to kill all 8 enemies in it, and get a big +7. In this area are many rings of trangles. Flying through all of them will take you to the Black Hole. This warp ring area is covered with the laser-enemies and rings of enemies. Afterwards is a asteroid field with many weak rocks, and some solid rocks that open up and shoot lasers. Another space worm floats through here. Shortly after is the Rock Crusher.

Meteo Medal Mania

Required Hits:200
Checkpoint Goal:90-100
Hits Before Boss:189
Point Getters:Asteroids, BeeBots, Enemy Rings.

All in all, this stage is rather easy to get a medal in. Plenty of mass-point opportunities exist in the stage. The first of these is right after the start of the stage. Blast as many asteroids a possible. Use a bomb to clear out a lot of them if you wish. Blast the smaller chunks too. You can get quite a lot of hits by now if you do this right. Afterwards, at the ambush point, lock onto one of the butterfly ships and launch a bomb to kill many of them. Kill the jumping robot in the tunnel, and then the two snakes for some points. Around now, you should have about 35 hits.

Blast the four enemies that appear outside the tunnel. Aim at the red areas when they flip over to attack you. Make sure you lock onto the middle of the 3 ships that chase you to destroy them all. Then destroy the gorups of five ships; lock onto the center one and fire to get a nice hit+4. In the next tunnel, lock onto a gun, and blast a bomb. This should take out half the guns. Do them same for the rest to take them out. Destroy as many decoy asteroids as you can. Beat Falco to the punch. Kill off the first BeeBot quickly to get a gold ring, and to make a second one appear. They give you a 3+ bonus each. Save slippy and head through the checkpoint.

Blast the group of five enemies that appear next; they should give you a few silver rings. When you get to the warp-ring field, shoot the laser enemies with your lasers, then lock onto the rings of enemies to destroy them and get a 7+ bonus per ring. If you don't shoot the laser enemies, you are liable to lock onto the instead of the enemy rings. Afterwards, destroy the snake, and as many asteroids as possible. You should be well over 200 by the boss.

Special Feature: Black Hole

I don't know if that is the official name for the warp zone, but it suits it well if you pay attention to the warp in the original StarFox. If you fly through all 7 warp rings, you will be sent here. To successfully fly through them all, do not be in cockpit view. Use a brake once you hit a ring to slow down, and guide yourself to the next ring; it is very hard to hit them all if you do not brake, but it can be done. Once inside, collect powerups and blast everything Every rock, enemy, and blastable object should be destroyed. You can easily boost your Meteo score over 200 if you go through here.

Expertly Expertise - Expert Mode Additions

More enemies! <g> In the tunnels are now butterfly enemies that shoot lotsa white plasma. BeeBots come in pairs most of the time. Various others exist that you'll notice, but aren't much more of a threat. The guns in the second tunnel can be lethal; barrel-roll! Other than that, not much else is added.

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