Radiation: 5.61 ergons
Mag Flux: 38%
Particle Density: 45c/sg
Average Albedo: 59
Approx Radius:17.364skm
Name:Sector Y
Hits for Medal:150
Description:A strange nebula that is in the shape of the letter Y. Corneria's main fleet is stationed here to help prevent Venom forces from moving clsoer towards Corneria. It has recently become under attack. This has to be my favorite stage; I got 220 hits on it while making this page. :)
Briefing:Answering the hail for help, you must prevent Venomian forces from breaching the entire fleet and destroy the Shogun Warriors and their Warlord.

Predicting Venomian Attacks - Walkthrough

Start to First Battlecruiser
First Battlecruiser to Route Dicision
Upper Route
Lower Route
Meeting Point to End

Start to First Battlecruiser: You'll first see rows of shogun grunts (armored soldiers) all around. A group of three scoutships with come from straight ahead, and a grunt will come from the left. Another grunt is just ahead. On the next ship is a gold ring, and a large group of scouties will come from the left. There will be a grunt here, too; destroy him for a laser upgrade. You'll see a wrecked ship lower. Shoot the grunt there, and watch helplessly as 2 sets of 3 missiles destroy it. (You can bomb to destroy missiles.) There will be a big ship on the left, and a smaller one nearby. 3 sets of 3 missiles will destroy the small one, and A whole fleet of scouties will come from above. A Venomian battlecrusier is up ahead. It's bay doors will fire some white plasma at you, and then launch 9 scouties each. You can take the upper or lower path through the ship. The upper path has more enemies. Killing all enemies on either path will give you a gold ring.

First Battlecruiser to Route Dicision: You see a Venomian attacker with 2 dome guns on it. You can destroy guns. A larger ship floats above, but you can get up there. You will soon three 3 of the Venomian attackers, one high up, one down low, and one in the middle. After passing these, 5 scouties will come from behind, do a somersault to safely get behind them. A large Cornerian ship sprawls accross the screen, and 10 or 12 missiles are ready to hit it; you can bomb these to destroy them if you wish. Afterwards, two groups of scouties will come in; one from the left and one from the right. There is a gold ring on the Cornerian ship, as well as the checkpoint. Afterwards, you will see a large ship ahead. There are two grunts there--one high and one low--which will switch positions. Heading up takes you to the upper route, and going down takes you to the lower route. Both have about the same amount of enemies, but the lower route has more grunts, and the scouties are spread out a lot.

Upper Route: You will first be assaulted by 6 groups of 3 scouties. This occurs right as you are going over the ship to this route. After that, you will come to a field of wrecked Corneria ships, where Slippy will weed out some scouties for you. A group of 3 comes from behind a ship on the right. 3 more will come from the left. After climbing over the last of the Cornerian ships, Slippy will be chased by a ton of scouties. Launch a bomb to get them all, or just fire a lot into the group; it is not hard to destroy them all. Next, five Venomian attackers will move across the screen. They altrnate in direction; the first one heading to the right, and so on. Afterwards, you will fly under a large ship to see two Venomian ships and a grunt. Shoot the grunt, and watch that you don't hit Falco, who flies up from below. After the ships part, 4 groups of 3 scouties will fly in; one from each corner. Up ahead you will see some Venomain attackers. Below is the meeting point.

Lower RouteShogun grunts come in full-force here. 2 grunts come first, followed by an attacker. A battelcruiser will come into view. There is a grunt standing on it, and the hanger bays will launch scouties out towards the left. More scouties are launched from the deck of the ship, and another grunt hides behind the wall. Afterwards, a grunt and 4 scouties will fly in formation from behind. You should see 3 venomian attackers ahead. Behind the first one, 2 scouties are hiding, and so is a grunt. Behind the third are about 6 scouties and another grunt. A line of scouties will be flying down from above on the left side. Afterwards, a more powerful Shogun soldier lies. He takes about 3 charged blasts to destroy. Afetrwards is an attacker, and then you will reach the meeting point.

Meeting Point to End: There is a gold ring on the right and 3 scouties will storm through the middle. There are 2 attackers on the sides. Afterwards, you will be coming down on a battlecruiser. 3 groups of 3 scouties will sttack. As you head under the cruiser's arch, ROB64 will hail you. You will see another battlcruiser. There are two groups of five scouties lying on the deck. They are sitting ducks. Under the arch is a gold ring, and just beyond you will meet up with the Shogun Warriors and their Warlord.

Menace to Scouties - Getting a Medal

Required Hits:150
Checkpoint Goal:65-90
Hits Before Boss:131
Point Getters:Scouties!

There isn't much more to getting the medal in here than knowing when and where to bomb, and also what to lock and what to not. Lock onto the first two groups of scouties. if you kill all 3 in the first group, you'll get a hit+2, and the next group can give more--make sure you finish them all off. Kill all the grunts; oftentimes more will appear if they are killed quickly. Be prepared for the "surprise attack." Lock onto one of the ones up front in the mdidle, and launch a bomb. This'll clear out all but maybe 4 or 5, and you can sweep across and kill them all off. Lock onto one of the groups that comes out of the hangar bays, and blast all of the ones that come out of the other will your lasers. Take the upper path here. You can have around 50 hits by now if you do this right. Destroy all of the ones up here to get the gold ring--don't lock, they are too far appart to get a bonus.

If you can destroy all 8 dome guns in the next area, that'll help. 5 or so is good too. Somersault when the scouties come from behind, and lock onto the two lower groups. Blast the remaining one. When you see the line of missiles, hit the center of it with a bomb to kill them off and get a lot of points. Try to lock onto one of the groups of five, and blast the remaining ones. Get the gold ring and head through the checkpoint. If you can, lock onto one of the grunts at the route decision, and blast; if you are lucky (or skilled) they'll be crossing paths just as it hits, and give you a hit+1. Take the upper route! Lock onto one of the groups of scouties up here, and bomb it. There will be one or two groups surviving. Finish them off with lasers.. You can have 100 hits easily by now if you are good, but 75 or 80 is enough.

Lock onto the middile of the groups of three that Slippy reveals. The ships chasing Slippy will head to the right. Lock onto the rightmost ships and bomb. This'll kill them all, and maybe a gun or two on one of the attackers. Make sure you kill all the dome guns; it helps. Kill the grunt up ahead for an easy hit. Afterward, blast all four groups of scouties with lasers; locking takes too long. When you come down onto the meeting point, blast both guns, and lock onto the group of scouties. Get the ring. Try to lock onto the groups of scouties that attack when you head down to the battlecruiser; the bonus helps, and there should be enough time. On the next ship, either launch a bomb onto the deck, or manually blast all 10 scouties. You should have well over 150 hits by now if you did everything right.

Expectant Motherships - Expert Mode Additions

Are there any? I really don't know. I have played Sector Y so many times on both difficulty levels, and haven't really seen anything new. The only thing I can tell that is different is that the scouties that fire, fire more, and the dome guns fire a lot. Maybe there is an extra group of scouties here and there, but who knows? If you know, tell me. It'd be appreciated.

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