Radius: 8,529 km
Albedo: .52
Gravity: 1.43
Esc Velocity: 14.84 km/s
Equilibrium K: 188
Atmosphere: N243 + CO236 + CH412
Hydrographics: 0%
Biomass: 0 Quads
Class: U
Difficulty:Medium (Venom1 Normal)
Hardest (Venom1 Expert)

Strong (Venom2 Normal)

Hard (Venom2 Expert)
Hits for Medal:200
Description:Venom is the last planet of the Lylat System. It is surrounded by many strong gases, and contains a very hostile environment. The surface of the plant is littered with canyons, and Andross has undoubtedly used this to his advantage. Since the base is made of solid rock, it is impossible to gather information about it.
Briefing:You must destroy Andross at all costs! The StarWolf team has been assigned to guard Andross from intruders and rumors exist that Andross may have produced a clone of himself. Procede with caution, and come back victorious!

Choose Your Path.

Venom 1 (Coming from Bolse)
Venom 2 (Coming from Area6)

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Last Update: 8/25/97

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